How Would You Choose The Best Vanity Cabinets?

Vanity cabinets are designed to improve the appearance of any bathroom, to give it a modern stylish appearance, while at the same time retaining the class and elegance of the bygone times. They are designed for multiple purposes and have now become essential in almost every modern bathroom. You can keep your bathroom clean and utilize the floor space by installing the vanity cabinets. Even you can also customize your cabinets with several drawers and shelves to store maximum items. But you must choose waterproof bathroom cabinets and the cabinets should be designed with some limited sheets.

vanity cabinets melbourne

Vanity Cabinets

What is a Vanity Cabinet?

A vanity cabinet is a combined set of a bathroom cupboard along with a sink. It performs the purpose of reducing wastage of space produced by the presence of only a standalone sink, as seen in older bathrooms. Combining the sink with the cupboard in a slick and smart design not only saves space but also improved the appearance of the bathroom. You will get maximum storage space to store your foreign particles inside these cabinets and you can keep your bathroom clean and tidy.

The Flexibility of a Bathroom Vanity Unit:

  • Different available widths: The availability of different width of the cabinets makes their use in different sizes of the bathroom. You can choose such readymade vanity cabinets for your bathroom, or else you can also customize the same to save your floor space.
  • Wall mounted cabinet options: Wall mounted vanity cabinets paired with wall mounted mirrors give the appearance of a larger size of the bathroom and help in utilizing even more of the available space. You can easily install such cabinets on the wall of your bathroom. If you have small space in your bathroom the wall mounted cabinets is the best option for you.
  • Drawer and door options: The cabinets also afford a wide variety of customization options. Buyers can choose options based on their requirements for the cabinets. For storage of towels and other linens, cabinets with doors are preferred and on the other part, you can add few drawers to store your shaving products and foreign substances.
  • Different finishing touches: In addition to the customizability in structure, the finishing options are also wide and plenty. Lovers of the traditional wood design can go for a wood-based finishing with oak finish. While those who prefer a more modern look can go for a glossy or matte finish with bright colors or a monochrome hue.
bathroom vanities melbourne

Bathroom Vanities

Steps to Designing The Perfect Vanity Cabinet:

Like with undertaking any construction or furniture project, spearheading the creation of the perfect vanity cabinet for a bathroom also requires careful planning and deliberation.

  • The first step is to analyze the detailed plan for the bathroom and to decide on the suitable vanity unit layout which can be incorporated with the structural layout of the bathroom itself. Selecting an appropriate layout can save a lot of time and avoid all the unnecessary hassle.
  • Different layouts are popular depending on the size of the space available. Some plan layout the vanity cabinet horizontally across an entire wall, utilizing maximum space and incorporating a large number of cabinets. Another common plan is the L shaped vanity unit which uses a corner of the bathroom and spreads across two walls. 

Selecting the number of sinks to go with the cabinet is the next important task. Double sinks are always more preferable, but with space restrictions, vanity units which are less than 60 inches wide usually have a single sink. Today, you can choose the bathroom vanity cabinets from online and you can also compare their prices to choose an affordable one.


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