All You Want to Know About Jackhammer Hire

A Jackhammer is a tool widely used for demolition; it often has pneumatic capabilities combined with a hammer. They could be powered by either electricity or compressed air. Ones that are used for heavy duty are often hydraulically driven. The use of this equipment is easier on flat surfaces that are horizontal, but dealing with a surface that is either inclined or vertical can have its challenges. Techniques such as horizontal jackhammering might come handy. Overall, the use of a tool that is industrial in its core nature and requires strength to get the task completed need either training, supervision or at time both. As a result, most construction prefers to go for jackhammer hire.

Jjackhammer Hire

Jjackhammer Hire

Variety of Jackhammer Hire Available

The industry today uses a wide range of tools to accomplish the tasks of drilling and breaking. This could include the areas of construction, repair work on large scale, and demolishing contracts. There are various tools available such as the Hammer Drills, wide blades, vibration damped breakers, and air compressor combined jackhammers, Kango hammers, medium duty electric breakers, heavy duty electric breakers and tile lifters. While choosing jackhammer hire, you should consider your needs, requirements, and duration of work appropriately. Mostly, similar tools adhere to the EU directive on Vibrations to regulate the vibration exerted on hands and arms.

For domestic or DIY needs it is advisable to choose a light weight, low sound producing tool with pneumatic capabilities. Please check if your equipment qualifies low on vibration scale. If you’re attempting incline planes for the hammer, do ensure you have capable support staff to either apply constant pressure on the tool while you apply the force to dig deep.

Use of Appropriate Bits

The other part that requires attention while choosing to Jackhammer hire is the bit / chisels that is involved. This could be different in each application.

  • Spade – If you are looking at edging dirt or clearing surface the spade bit will come handy.
  • Point – This bit will help in general breaking of surfaces.
  • Scabbler – This bit helps to clear a surface before you start the bonding process on floor.
  • Flat tip – This bit is useful to refine edges and give it a finer finish.

If you get a bit that is below an expected sharpness level on a hired tool. Ensure that there is some provision to get his bit sharpened before use. An angle grinder can be used with suitable grinding disc, but every time that a sharpening is completed the bit must be heat treated to guarantee that the integrity of the steel is intact.

Jackhammer Hire Melbourne

Jackhammer Hire

Safety Measures

Always ensure that the noise emitted from the use of industrial tools is accounted for. Use of earplugs or Earmuffs is a required safety measures while using an equipment of this caliber. 3M makes some good use and throw ear plugs that are effective. Alternatively, a silencer around the barrel of the equipment can also be a good measure to reduce the sound emitted.

Constant exposure to hazardous dust is also another protective step that needs attention. Please ensure your hands and feet are protected by use of gloves and appropriate shoes. Even if you are opting for a jackhammer hire, you need to make sure that you and your employees are safe at all times during the work.

Make sure that you compare all the available options in the market and only then make a decision. Once you compare the several jackhammer hire services out there, you will be able to choose the one that is affordable, safe, and best at the same time.


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