Garden Pebbles to Decorate Your Garden Area and The Ways to Using Them

Garden pebbles are used in the garden areas to bring different textures and colors to the gardens. Pebbles can fabulously fill up the empty space in your garden to leave a visual impression and to make it more interesting than soil and dirt. They may be used to create landscaped paths, decorative borders and visually appealing ground.

Ordinary pebbles or stones have become popular choices owing to the wide variety of colors in which they are available and extensive usage. You may use them inside the home in the aquariums and outdoors in the garden area. Placing decorative stones in the water base is the perfect way to invoke quietness and serenity. If you want to install some fountains then you can spread some garden pebbles on the surrounding areas, and you can also design some pathways of your garden with some coloring pebbles.

Garden Pebbles

Garden Pebbles

Have A Sprawling and Well Decorated Garden

Colorful garden stones may easily be availed from online and offline stores. Having a beautiful and colorful lush green garden is the dream of many. To make the garden colorful, you can add hedges, flowers, decorative stones to match your preference and to customize the appearance of the garden.

  • Colorful stones may be used near the picket fences, hedges, flowerpots, flowerbeds, fountain area. Garden stones are decorative elements used by various landscapers.
  • The stones can add charm to the garden instantly. Such stones may be availed in numerous sizes, shapes and may be used in several ways as per the garden or the amenities you must accommodate.

Why to Use River Pebbles?

River pebbles are the round shaped pebbles featuring a smooth finish. As the name suggests, this type of stone is directly extracted from the riverbed while carrying smooth and natural texture. River pebbles are not very large and are light brown or grey in color. Apart from serving decorative purpose, the river pebbles balance up moisture level of the soil and prevent the growth of weeds.

Tips to Using the Garden Pebbles

  • Before you pebble the garden, tour the garden area. You may check out other gardens to find how landscapers have done it. You need to choose some natural stones for your garden and you can also use these pebbles on the pots and at the root area of your garden trees.
  • Measure out the space you need to dedicate to the pebbles. To get exact measurement, use the tape. You will get to know how much pebbles you need. If you cannot assume the number of pebbles required for your garden then you can contact some garden decorator or designer to take the measurement of your garden area.
Garden Pebbles

Garden Pebbles

Ensuring Good Drainage and Then Laying the Garden Pebbles is a Must:

Clear off the bushes and weeds from the space where you plan to use the pebbles. Tear out flowers and weeds or any plant.

  • It is important to have a good drainage system in the garden or else precipitation will build up. Improve the drainage of the garden.
  • Use the weed mat over the surface where the pebbles will be used. The mat will help to limit the growth of the weeds.
  • Shop around and find the suitable pebbles for garden. You may go for the marble pebbles available in so many colors.

The colorful garden pebbles may be used in decorative pots to make the space more interesting. If you use indoor plants, you may add pebbles. Just select the pot or the vase in which you wish to use the pebbles. It will be great if you can match up the pebbles with the ceramic pots or decorative pots.


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