How to Choose an Expert for Solid Plastering?

Have you been thinking about plastering your house? If yes, then the most important job that you need to do is to select a proper plasterer or plastering company. Now it is important to decide which type plastering you wish to have. In most of the cases, people choose among solid plastering, dry lining, and fibrous lining.

There are some major differences between the two types of plastering and you need to understand it before you proceed with the plastering. Though fibrous plastering is much easier to perform due to its wet plaster, but still solid plastering is preferred by many people for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Solid plastering is great for both interiors and exteriors, while fibrous plastering is only concerned with the interior decorating.
  • Undertaking solid plastering does not need much of experience and expertise, in comparison to fibrous plastering which is best left for professionals to carry out.
Solid Plastering

Solid Plastering

What Solid Plastering Offers You?

Plastering is about skill and creativity, so most plasterers involved in solid plastering are self-employed and not connected to any kind of services of firms. The plastering can be done both on the interiors as well as the exterior ceilings and walls to provide a smooth finish so that paint can be applied to it later on. Not just a smooth finish, but also the plastering provides surface protection from weather and insulation issues.

The smooth surface will protect against the wears and tears and offer a great base for painting. Hence, it offers a great design to both the interiors as well as exterior surfaces of the house or any other building.

What Does the Plaster Offer?

Now when you have understood the benefits of solid plastering and you have decided to get it, it is now important to get a professional. Though the method of such plastering does not need much of expertise and experience, it would be a good idea to get someone who has enough knowledge in it. Some of the duties that the plasterer should obey are:

  • The levels and corners of the walls and ceilings should be angled and smoothened well.
  • All the messes and fusses on the wall and ceiling surface has to be removed making the surface smooth and clean.
  • But before making the surface smooth, enough amount of cementing and rendering has to be done so that no problems arise later on.
  • Proper plaster coats have to be provided so that a great smooth finish is achieved.
  • The plasterer should also clean up and treat the molds that have affected the walls or the exteriors of that particular surface.
  • The plasterer performs the duty of erecting scaffolding.


Which Plaster to Rely Upon?

Now it may happen that you have enquired with the plasterer about the duties that he offers and he confirms all the above-mentioned points. But still, you need to check out whether the plaster is reliable or not. For doing so, you may do a small research on the plasterer.

You can ask your neighbors, friends, and relatives about some reference so that you can get someone reliable. Also, you can crosscheck the person by examining his portfolios and projects he has handled before taking up your work. Price is also an important matter and so it is always a great idea to talk to 3-4 plasterers and then after comparing the services and negotiating the quotes, choose the one who is the most reliable.

Solid plastering is one of the best ways to make your interiors as well as exteriors look beautiful and to protect them from weathering.


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