Know About The Benefits Of 1 Bedroom Granny Flat Designs

Due to the population growth and rising property prices, the world is witnessing problems with space crunch of gigantic proportions. There are, however, some ways amidst those crunches to get a pleasurable place of one’s own. Do you have any idea that you can turn your backyard into something different or a perfectly covered place perhaps? This space is referred to as the granny flat. Here are some benefits of 1 bedroom granny flat designs that one should know.

As the name suggests, the original idea is to provide a place in the main house for the loved ones; such as grandfather, grandmother, aunt and so on. The area enables them to have a space of one’s own and also the feeling of being closer to the family. This is in huge demand as a rental property or something to invest on.

1 bedroom granny flat designs

1 bedroom granny flat designs

The interesting facets of 1 bedroom granny flat designs

  • Living together: At areas, whether space crunch is a serious issue, granny flat can provide a safe and sound space for the elders. Everyone needs his or her own set of private property and at the same time, he wants to live closer to her family. This area can help them have that kind of space, where they can get to meet each other quite easily.
  • Other uses: The flat can be put to different uses also, such as, creating an office space, business area, library, band rehearsal place and so on. If not any of these, the place can be a faraway land to provide you time to think or to indulge in his or her leisurely activities. Basically, this is a multi functional, versatile room, housing many different kinds of persons.
  • Tenant Purpose: To sublet the room to a tenant is the most common and quite an economic use of the room. This way, one can earn extra income too. This acts just like a studio apartment, fulfilling the basic needs.
  • Saving tax: This room is a great way to save up some tax. The expense that goes into constructing this room room, you can get a huge amount of tax credits.
  • Extra selling point: In order to sell a flat at a high price, one definitely needs something extra. In this case, one bedroom granny flat designs may help the owner with that. Apart from getting the entire flat, this granny flat acts as the ultimate selling point. The future tenants might use it as a rental place also. For them, it can act as a source of income.
  • Aesthetic reasons: A classic and proper granny flat is the epitome of simple yet user-friendly design. It has every amenities needed for meeting your regular lifestyle. The owner can easily customise it also, as per their needs. One can set up very experimental designs too.
1 bedroom granny flat

1 bedroom granny flat

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Those who believe in the aesthetics of minimalist decoration and styling are bound to prefer these kinds of rooms over anything. The flat has all the basic things, such as, bedroom, drawing and dining area, kitchen, bathroom and even an optional balcony.

  • Welcoming people from multiple generations: Initially, most of the young people used to stay away from the home, due to the privacy, practical or some other factors. They had to rent another place and put the money on it. With the availability of one bedroom granny flat designs these days, people from the younger generation can live in the same household area too, strengthening the traditional bond between the family members.

Do not wait up any more. Know more about the benefits and get your own granny flat today only.


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