How To Find The Best Steel Locker?

Steel lockers are an absolute necessary in this modern world. Steel is one of the strongest materials known to man and has been used since long to provide security to  our prized possessions. So, if you are thinking why you should invest in steel lockers, I have hereby compiled a list of reasons why you should definitely own locker and some characteristics you must have in your locker.

Steel locker Melbourne

Steel locker Melbourne

What Is A Locker?

A steel locker is any compartment constructed out of steel and is used to provide safety and security to your belongings. For safety measure, it usually carries a lock. Sometimes, it has even multiple locking mechanisms to ensure that the identity of the owner of the materials inside the locker. Modern locks are highly secure as they are based on the science of cryptology.

What Are The Necessary Factors To Consider For A Good Steel Locker?

There are certain factors to consider before selecting a steel locker. Knowing these factors will help you to make informed decision regarding your locker amidst the various lockers you might be shown by the dealer. They are:

  • Number of tiers required: The number of users will determine the number of tiers you need, and the space allotted to the lockers in the house. Small areas dedicated to house lockers require two tiered or sometimes three tiered design. The number of tiers can obviously affect the size of the individual compartments.
  • Material: The material used for construction depends upon the location of the lockers. Dry areas are necessary for steel lockers. In case of its use in wet environments, paint it with the anti-rust paint.
  • Locks: Locks vary from setting to setting. Its number and quality depends upon the importance of the items it is securing. High security areas have locks requiring biometric data, ensuring the owner’s identity.
  • Steel thickness: The steel lockers are usually composed of 0.8mm (the standard thickness) of steel. In case of higher security, thicker steel plates are used to construct these lockers.
Storage lockers Melbourne

Storage lockers Melbourne

What Are The Advantages Of Buying A Steel Locker?

The advantages of buying a steel locker are extensive. Some common ones are listed below:

  • Highly adaptable: Steel Lockers can be utilized from offices to gyms to schools and hospitals as well. They can be constructed as per any specific requirements.
  • Handles a lot of people: A lot of people working in the same area can keep their belongings in an organized manner.
  • The modern steel lockers are usually quite durable and with proper care and maintenance can be used for a long time.
  • Security: A lock usually accompanies the lockers. This lock is used to provide security to the items stored inside it. Now, in case of added security, extra locks and stronger locking mechanisms, such as the three pin locking mechanism, might be enabled. While handling highly sensitive data or items, high security retinal scan locks or fingerprint scan locks are available. These locks respond only to one specific person: the owner of the items stored in the locker.

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Staff locker Oakleigh

Staff locker Oakleigh

Some Tips To Help You Choose Your Dream Locker

  • Durability: Check the size of the steel plate used for constructing the locker. If you are planning to store highly sensitive data in the steel locker, then it is advisable to take lockers made out of a thicker plate. Although, it must be admitted that modern lockers with steel plates of standard thickness are quite durable.
  • Security: Check the number of locks and their locking mechanisms. Locking mechanisms play an important role. Three point locking mechanisms offers greater security than single point locking mechanisms.
  • Size: The size of article that can possibly be stored should be kept in mind while selecting the size of the compartments in the locker.

Hence, by doing so, you can get the best steel locker for the security purpose.


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