Tips To Popular Use Of Limestone Pavers For Interiors

Limestone is basically a natural product that is usually found in the caves. It is also extracted from ocean beds in many countries. The main characteristic of limestone is its natural beauty. Limestone has been used for construction for over many centuries. It is also known for its durability and the natural ambience. The greatest advantage of limestone pavers is that it can be placed both indoors and outdoors. It very well complements the surroundings of the residence and adds charm to the entire area. It is mainly used in the living areas of the residence to enhance the interior aesthetics. The living area becomes very attractive with the natural beauty of the limestone and you will also feel very cozy. It is available in a variety of colors and different shades. They can also be customized to any other shape like square or rectangular shapes.

Limestone pavers

Limestone pavers

Why is it beneficial? 

  • Limestone is considered to be heavy and a durable natural stone. It has been used for many years in the building industry. It is also a good choice in landscaping and in applications for architecture. The limestone pavers can be applied in many exterior areas like for instance pool area, walkway, driveway as well as courtyard and verandas. It is a popular choice for interiors like countertops, mantels, fireplace stones, tables, flooring etc.
  • Since it is a natural stone, you can find them in a wide range of colors. It varies from light beiges to dark greens. The colors are very casual and suits best for interiors like kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms. The added advantage with limestone pavers is that the neutral shades compliment the interior surroundings and the furniture. It also suits contemporary color choices which favor lighter shades.
  • The installation of limestone pavers can be done in commercial or private residences. Limestone improves the curb appeal because they are natural as opposed to concrete. It is a far better investment that adds value to your home unlike concrete.
  • The greatest benefit of limestone is that it is sustainable and environmental friendly. You have to bearthe cost to shape and pack the limestone, but it is much better than concrete in respect to pollution and aesthetics. It is available in abundance and is recyclable. It can also be used as reclaimed paving.
  • The limestone has a non-slip surface that is very advantageous for flooring. It is therefore considered to be a great choice in patios and swimming pools. They are also resistant to frost which means that they do not get damaged due to frost.
  • It can be used for vehicle traffic and pedestrians applications. The limestone pavers are to be installed by expert masons so that the correct substrate is used to support the load.

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Stone pavers wholesalers

Stone pavers wholesalers

Importance of choosing right materials 

It is the most important decision to choose the right materials. There are two types of materials that are used for limestone pavers. One is the quarried stone and the other is the composite material. They are available in many varieties and makes shopping for its paving materials really exciting. Limestones will also suit your budget. The quarried stone is advantageous because it can be cut into any size and shape. You may use it as you require for residential and building application. It has the characteristic of versatility and can be used for in commercial as well as public places. The use of limestone pavers is very popular these days even though they are heavy and would cost a fortune.


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