Various Kinds of Fireplaces For Your Home

Fireplaces are used in northern regions where climate is cold most of the year. Houses in these regions cannot do without fireplaces to warm up their living rooms. Fireplaces are of various kinds and categories.  These fireplaces are categorized based on the fuel used.

Fireplace Beaconsfield

Fireplace Beaconsfield

On The Basis of Fuel

Gas fires – these burn LPG which is fed through a gas line. These are easy not only to use but also to clean as well. These gas fireplaces are of two types. The direct vent ones and the ventless ones. The direct vent ones draw outside air out of the wall. These do not need chimneys and the flame is behind the glass. The direct vent ones give off large amounts of heat.  The vent less ones on the other hand can be used against internal walls. This burn cleanly and they do not create carbon monoxide. Fireplaces come in various designs to enhance the appeal and aesthetics of the room.

These gas units are easy to use and only a button needs to be pushed for them to be turned on or off.

Electric fires – these fireplaces produce heat by using electricity. Metal panels or meshes are heated using electricity and air is blown over them making warm air fill the room. These come in various designs and styles and these are cost effective.

Wood fireplaces – these have been very common in homes for ages now. These however require you to store the dry wood all the time. These need the most upkeep as well as maintenance of the chimney and also cleaning and removal of the ash. These spit out embers and so screens are needed for safety purposes. These are not as heat efficient as they lose majority of the heat, which travels up the chimney. These also are expensive as they require a chimney and that require timely maintenance.

Pellets – these fireplaces burn solid fuel and fuel of different kinds in addition to wood.

Ethanol – this does not need venting and can be used anywhere. These provide lesser heat than gas fireplaces. These are safe to use but when refilling, care needs to be undertaken, as ethanol is flammable.

Fireplaces Sandhurst

Fireplaces Sandhurst

On The Basis of Air Circulation

Based on the circulation of air: Vent free fireplaces – these do not have a direct vent and they do not need the chimney for ventilation. These are very fuel efficient.

Direct vent fireplaces – These have vents in the fireplace and use a chimney.

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On The Basis of Use

Based on the uses of the fireplaces, there are two categories and they are:

  • Indoor ones which are used inside the home.
  • Outdoor ones which only are used outdoors.

On The Basis of Aesthetics

Based on the aesthetic appeal, the fireplaces are divided into stone ones, metal ones, two way ones and more.

Fireplaces Melbourne

Fireplaces Melbourne

Safety Tips

When fireplaces are used, one needs to follow certain procedures, processes and tips as there can be considerable risk when these are not attended to or used without care.

  1. Heating appliances should be kept away from furniture, clothing, draperies and other items that are combustible.
  2. There should be a safety screen in place and secured when the hearth is being operated. That decreases potential burn risks.
  3. The metal as well as the glass which is near the fireplace gets extremely hot when it is operational as well as even after the fire has been put off, it still remains hot. Therefore, children should be kept away from this to prevent burns.

A Safety screen should be used to prevent the skin from coming in contact with the heated glass. This should not be removed at any time.


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