How Can Mirrors Be a Part of Home Decor

The home is a place where you can try your tastes and styles as well as your likes and dislikes,  adorn the place in all the way you want to. Home decor can be done in various ways. A plain home looks dull and boring and yet the same home when accessorized looks so amazing and highly attractive. Painted walls, classy floorings or new furnishings are not the only thing which makes the home look good. There are various kinds of accessories which dress up the home too. The most common accessories for the home are vases, lamps, paintings, picture frames and of course mirrors.

Mirrors Dandenong

Mirrors Dandenong

Mirrors are great home decor accessories. These are great for people who are self obsessed. Mirrors also are not only an accessory used to see one’s reflection but it also serves as a decoration piece. Mirrors bring in style and there are different kinds of mirrors that you can opt for.

Bathroom wall mirrors

A bathroom is incomplete without a mirror. However, there are different styles, purposes and types of mirrors which are available. Different people have different choices when it comes to these mirrors. Some like stylish mirrors whereas others prefer it to be simple. However, bathroom wall mirrors when being chosen what is most essential is to keep in mind the size of the mirror.

The types of mirrors available are either the adjustable one which can be folded back so that you can save space. This helps for small bathrooms. There are also fixed type mirrors which are fixed to the wall. There are also hanging mirrors which are like picture frames. The frames can be changed as per the theme of the bathroom.

Mirrors Narre Warren

Mirrors Narre Warren

Different types of wall mirrors

The different kinds of wall mirrors are:

Frameless wall mirrors

These can convert any walls into an artistic place. This can be used in living rooms or over the bathtub or any room for that matter. These are vintage and these last for decades.

Decorative wall mirrors

These are used as decorative pieces. They can be used in foyers or bedrooms, bathrooms and more. Depending on which wall you want to make the center of attention, you can choose various oval or round mirrors. You can use them in various patterns and styles. You can even put borders on these of aluminum, wood or metal or you can have framed edges of combinations.

Full Length Wall Mirrors

These give the illusion of light and openness to the room or the lounge. This can be placed opposite windows to reflect the light. If you have full length mirrors you can place them side by side and have curtains around them. These will give the appearance of the room being larger.

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Mirrors Flinders

Mirrors Flinders

Other types

Mirrors based on shapes can be either rectangular, square, oval, round or sunburst.

As per the types, there are the bathroom vanity mirrors, the wall mirrors, floor mirrors, the mirrors for makeup – the lighted ones too.

As per the styles, there are chic and contemporary wall mirror, there are the traditional ones which give a very formal look. There are frameless ones which have various styles and designs and lastly there are the antique ones which have usually patina and weathered finishes.

These are just some of the ways the decor can be complemented using mirrors.


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