New Concept Of Backyard Granny Flats: What Is It About?

The impression of traditional granny flats that were detached in the backyards is transformed into a new concept. It is no older but a new and stylized flat with a revolutionized approach. These flats have been incorporated into the family homes. The concept of backyard granny flats has been developed with a range of designs. It has been integrated to the main home featuring unique designs. It is been created as whole home with a united appearance and that has an approach of functionality as well. There is arrangement of alternatives that includes intergenerational living and extra income. It satisfies a wide range of needs and tastes. It is built as an ideal blend of contented living and a self-contained privacy. You can also find facades and inclusions that suit variety of preferences and budgets. It minimizes space and combines layout that can accommodate a large backyard with additional parking and separate access ways.

Bungalows Melbourne

Bungalows Melbourne

What is the specialty of backyard granny flats?

The design for backyard granny flats is built as an inspiration to take care of the elders. This is an excellent solution of caring the elders in the family. It is built keeping in mind the safety of the seniors. They have some interesting features like:

  • These backyard granny flats include a small kitchen, bedroom and a bathroom. This house is especially made for the senior. The bathrooms are accessible with railing and other safety features are inbuilt in the house.
  • The kitchen has all the facilities, for example a microwave, refrigerator that is electromagnetically insulated. The refrigerator has a purifier as well as a pill dispenser that is filled with capsules of supplements. The things are conveniently located and within the safe reach of the senior people.
  • These houses have fantastic safety features. This includes webcams that can be monitored by the family members. The padded floor is fixed on the joints that protect the older relatives from falling. The seniors of the house can also feel comfortable by spending time with the family members.
  • The backyard granny flats utilize certain robotic features that have the ability to monitor vital signs. They are capable to filter the contaminants of air. The flats are incorporated with high-tech video and text cell technology so that the seniors are safe with alert systems if anything goes wrong.

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Backyard granny flats

Backyard granny flats

How far is the concept successful?

  • The backyard granny flats are springing up all over and the property owners are trying to convert it into a grand living space. The flats can be used as an additional income and as generous reductions in tax. This is the study that is found by the specialists in the finance and construction stream.
  • The new trend has increased three fold in the past five years.  It has created a possibility of backyard eyesores as well as the sales of the family home.
  • There are owners who prefer to have their backyard left out that turns out to be storage rooms. They can be used as rooms for old exercise bicycles and also rowing machines.
  • These flats that are constructed properly can add value to the overall property. It is built by creating extra space that will have options for extra income.
  • It is a great deal to use it an investment of property. They are cheap to construct but can yield high rents. This is an income that can help the seniors to pay off their mortgage.
  • The idea of these flats is appreciated nowadays as it solves the housing problem greatly in crowded cosmopolitan areas.

The flats can be used for multipurpose like renting it as a commercial space too.  You can build an office right at home which will help you save money of travelling. The backyard granny flats are a great residence for elderly parents.


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