Waterproofing A Tiled Balcony

Balcony waterproofing is a very useful thing because if there is a leakage in the balcony, that has a floor or a room below, then it creates an extensive damage to it. It can not only damage the roof of the room below but also the interior repairing which can be really expensive. An existing waterproofing can also fail at times therefore do not give it a second thought if you notice that your existing waterproof has damaged. Here I will discuss mainly about waterproofing a tiled balcony.

Balcony waterproofing

Balcony waterproofing

Ways of waterproofing a tiled balcony:

There are mainly two ways of waterproofing a tiled balcony. I will categorize it as a costly and a cheaper way:

  • The costly way of waterproofing a tiled balcony is to remove the tiles and then do the waterproofing. This is a really costly way as it involves the cost of removing and putting back the tiles. Moreover, this should be done only with the help of a professional and at the most you can get quotations from contractors and finalize with the one who suits you the best.
  • The other option that is cheap and also worth giving a try is by using to waterproof your tiled balcony without removing the tiles.

The various ways of waterproofing the tiled balcony without removing the tiles:

  • Use of a waterproofing membrane- this can be applied all around the perimeter and this helps in balcony waterproofing. You just need to follow the instructions to use it on a tiled balcony. This saves money as they can be done all by you.
  • Use of a pungent water repellent- just as mosquito repellents help keeping away mosquitoes similarly, a pungent water repellent keeps water away and helps in stopping water leakage. It works similar to that of a sealant.
  • Damp treatment or waterproofing treatment- can be done to avoid if the leakage is a small one.
  • Right drainage- a proper drainage does not allow water leakage of any sort. Therefore if you have a proper drainage system, your balcony is automatically waterproofed.
Rooftop waterproofing

Rooftop waterproofing

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Reasons for a balcony waterproofing failure:

If you are confused that your balcony is leaking even after proper balcony waterproofing then it must be remembered that there can be waterproofing failures also and the main reasons for it can be:

  • Insufficient drainage can lead to major issues related to water leakage. A poor drainage system can be one of the main reasons for the failure of your waterproofing. It should be kept in mind that if there is a drainage problem then even the best waterproofing can fail. Therefore even before waterproofing your balcony you should primarily check and fix your drainage system in the balcony. It is not really specific for a tiled balcony but is applicable for any type of balcony.
  • A cracked or a missing plaster of your balcony can also lead to a failure in the balcony Therefore you need to identify that and get it fixed up to work well.
  • Missing in the use of waterproofing membrane at time of waterproofing your balcony can lead to a failure in balcony waterproofing. Make sure when you are waterproofing your balcony that the workers use the membrane at the time of putting the tiles since it is a protection to water leakage itself.
  • If there are signs of efflorescence then there are also the chances for the failure of tiled balcony waterproofing.

On a conclusive note, a variety of waterproofing options are available each designed for a specific purpose but should be done with care right from the beginning.


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