Features Of Small Storage Crates

Storage crates contain secure doors that contain lock rods made of strong iron, and are fit into locking pockets. Sometimes lock boxes can be added in order to provide additional security cover. These storage crates are resistant to rough weather conditions, and are a lot of convenient to the user. Since these storage crates are modest, and have the ability to blend in with the neutral paints, they blend into any kind of environment and surroundings. Also, most of them have port pockets, and they are very compact. Storage crates can be used for on-time delivery, fast, and efficient pickup. They are usually available in the 10 x 8 sizes.

Export crates

Export crates

Applications Of The Small Storage Crates

  • These crates can be used in construction site storage for materials such as paint, copper, tools, raw materials, and such.
  • They can also hold contractor tools such as nail guns, compressors, ladders, rakes, hand tools, and many more.
  • They can hold contractor materials such as insulation, sheet rock, fasteners, and caulking.
  • The important convenient factor of these small storage cases is that they can hold school and municipal maintenance equipment such as mowers, gas cans, snow blowers, business records, and even emergency/disaster kit.

Features Of Medium Storage Crates

These are very high-security storage crates that can be accessed from both the sides. Some of the medium storage crates provide locking systems in order to keep the contents inside the crates safe and secure. The 22 inch long storage crates are designed in such way that 20 inch long construction-related materials can be easily accommodated. These crates are made up of high quality steel. These crates can also be used for on-time deliveries and efficient pickups.

Packing crates

Packing crates

Applications For Medium Storage Crates

  • These crates can be used in construction site storage to store materials such as paint, copper etc.
  • These crates can be used to store landscape equipment such as wheel barrows, spreaders, and loaders.
  • These crates can be used to store and safeguard heavy school equipment for athletes such as track and field mats, gym equipment, and pitching machines.
  • These crates efficiently store books, desks, and media material.
  • These crates can safely store office remodels.
  • These crates can store auto dealer parts such as tires, service and purchase records, and others.

Features Of Large Storage Crates

  • The 40×8 inch storage crates can be accessed from both ends. It has a recessed locking system, and additional lock boxes can be added for more security.
  • The 45 x 8 inch storage crate is very well insulated, and is in the shape of a high cube.
  • The 48 x 8.6 inch storage crate has a width of full 8 inches. The shape is in the form of a high cube, and provides maximum capacity.
  • These storage crates are secure and resistant against all kinds of weather conditions. These crates can be forklifted, and can be used on heavy-duty floors and on most equipment.
  • These crates can be used for fast, efficient pickups and on-time deliveries.

Storage crates

Storage crates

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The Applications Of Large Storage Crates

  • These crates can be used as construction site storage to store equipment, tools, paint, copper, and raw materials.
  • These crates can store retail-related equipment such as seasonal inventory, remodelled projects, store fixtures, and many more.
  • They are excellent tools in the manufacturing industry, and can be used to store raw materials, maintenance equipment, and other kinds of finished goods.
  • They are used by military personnel to store military-related goods.

They are used by churches to store and secure holiday or festive decorations.


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