Different Types Of Modern Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are called sectional roller doors or overhead doors. These modern shutters are a unique type of door or window that is made up of horizontal bards or slats joined together. These modern rolling shutters can also consist of web systems. This type of door shutter is raised to open and lowered to shut it down. Modern shutters are available as motorized roller shutters that are very efficient and effective especially for big windows and doors. The main purpose of these shutters is to provide protection against wind and rain. Also, they are used to prevent vandalism, robbery, or theft.

Modern roller shutters

Modern roller shutters

Applications Of Modern Roller Shutters

Modern roller shutters are used for a wide variety of applications and purposes. These shutters can be used for kitchens, schools, warehouses, garages and many other rooms. Also, they are used in security organizations, local governments, and many other industries. This growing trend of using modern roller shutters is seen in residential houses as well. These modern shutters are heavily used in areas often exposed to rapidly changing weather conditions as well as to provide insulation against damages due to such rapid changes.

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Types Of Modern Roller Shutters

All the different varieties of modern roller shutters are manufactured from mild steel that is galvanized, cold rolled and powder dusted.   Some of the different types of modern roller shutters are:

  • Built-on and Built-in roller doors – In this type of modern rolling shutters, the roller shutter box is added to the outer area of the building front, whereas the box is built in above the window.
  • Integrated shutter – In integrated shutters, the shutter and the window are coupled into a single item.
  • Shutter featured with tilting laths – Such shutters are built with planks that allow modern shutters to tilt to the side. Also, these shutters are quite similar to venetian blinds.
  • Manual – This modern roller shutter can be manually operated. It consists of a gear drive from the shutter that is traced back through the building joint on the side of the room. It is easy to use, and can be operated with the help of a winding handle. In addition to this, there is another manual type shutter where the tape drive around the flange on the roller can be lined back to a pulley which is used to roll on to the side of the room.
  • Electric – This type of modern roller shutter is fit with a motor that is tubular shaped within the roller. These shutter systems can be operated using a remote.
  • Push and Pull shutters – Such type of roller shutters are available with both manual and automatic options. These shutters are durable and need very low maintenance. They easily function like a steel wall and provide double protection against theft. Push and pull shutters are an ideal choice for shops, stores, retail stores, libraries, classrooms, and other business establishments.
  • Grill Rolling – This type of shutter is made up of a bar steel that is round in shape, and is an ideal option for shops and showrooms that attract window shoppers. Such shutters provide additional ventilation and security. They can be easily motorized for an efficient and simple operation.
Aluminium roller shutters

Aluminium roller shutters

Perforated Rolling – This type of modern rolling shutter is a less expensive option that contains closures for practical purpose. Perforated rolling shutters are the best choice for large and small openings such as shop fronts or display areas. These shutters have steel laths which are locked together by steel or plastic end locks. The laths are made of interlocking perforated galvanized steel.


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