About Bluestone – Consider The Various Attributes Of This Natural Stone

Bluestone is a great option for improving any home décor. If you are looking forward to remodelling your home with some natural stone with superior elegance and weatherproofing at the same time then nothing can be a better choice than this natural stone. It is highly suitable for all kinds of home improvement projects be that redecorating the indoors or the outside of the home. This is gaining popularity as we speak and is an extremely favourable option for home improvement. This stone makes a great paving option as well and a lot of indoor and outdoor space like garden steps, patios, pathways and swimming pools can be efficiently paved using this natural stone option. Places like floors, water features, fences, walls can be decorated with this stone.

Bluestone Melbourne

Bluestone Melbourne

What Is Bluestone?

It is a form of volcanic rock most commonly known as basalt. This stone is known for its hard wearing nature. The stone is a perfect combination of various minerals including copper sulphate. This is indeed a very attractive stone that is available in various colour options. Many modern home contractors prefer using this stone for their home improvement projects for it has many advantages to it.

Pros Of Using Bluestone In Home Improvement

  • Finesse: Many people misjudge the stone by thinking that the blue tinge may not fit in with their interior design. But that is a common misconception. This stone is highly elegant and attractive looking and imparts the same to your home decor. The tinges of this stone can be quiet versatile ranging from deep to lighter shades of blue, bluish black, greyish blue and even purple to lilac. You can get a lot of colour options to choose from. The stone easily blends into a wide range of interiors.
  • Durable: As these are basaltic natural rocks coming from deep inside the earth and filled with a lot of strong minerals the durability of a Bluestone is undoubtedly greater than many natural stones of its class. If your aim is to find a stone whose beauty can stand the test of time and remains robust against all weather adversities then this stone can be the perfect choice for you. This natural stone is packed with all the goodness of nature and is really low on maintenance. If you have children playing in and around your home all the time then this difficult to damage stone can be a realistic option for you.
  • Versatile stone: Apart from being strong, durable and attractive another key attribute of the Bluestone is that it is highly versatile which makes it suitable for a wide range of projects. This stone is very hard to break and thus can be used as flooring, wall cladding and many more. It is the ideal paver that can be used to pave a variety of places. It is the perfect choice for many contractors.
  • Safe natural stone: A flamed Bluestone is the safest thing to have around the home. Using this for the home improvement not only increases the aesthetics of your house but also makes your home a safer place. This stone comes with an enhanced traction surface that ensures you don’t slip over this hard surface even when you are in a rush and rushing here and there around your home for your day to day work. It provides a rough but easy to walk on surface. If your kids play around all day and run around your home they will surely never slip on this surface and it can be said with a guarantee.


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So if you are considering any home improvements in the near future think about Bluestones!


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