Reasons Bluestone Pavers Is A Great Option For Your Home

On an average, there are two primary bluestone varieties found. The first one is the Victorian Bluestone that is also a kind of basalt which is basically an igneous rock composed of feldspar. This is normally grey to black in color and has a fine-grain structure because of rapid lava cooling. Then there is the Chinese Bluestone or the Grey Limestone composed of minerals like calcite and aragonite. Bluestone pavers for sale are very popular for homes, especially in the patio and the outdoor regions. Here are some of the reasons for this popularity.

Bluestone pavers

Bluestone pavers


One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Bluestone is its affordability. These stones come at lower prices when compared to regular marble or even granite. You can thus use them for various purposes and be more generous with them. These bluestone pavers for sale make the entire deal more affordable. 

Natural Material

Another big advantage of bluestone is that it is made of natural materials. Hence the eco-friendly aspect is there. On the whole, the processing and cutting of the stone doesn’t take too long. Therefore, along with saving time you are also reducing the use of energy. Also, since it is natural and easily available, the costs too are cut down.

Bluestone paving

Bluestone paving


Being a natural material, bluestone pavers for sale are a very popular choice for outdoor areas, especially the patio and garden. This stone is weather-friendly, which means that you don’t have to worry about rain washing out or taking away the graininess of the stone, or even the sun making the material expand or shrink too much. Rather, this weather-friendly material ensures durability and gives you a sensible option for outdoor areas.


The natural grainy texture of these bluestone pavers for sale also checks all the right boxes when it comes to making the space slip proof. When placed outdoors, one of the biggest worries that homemakers have is the stone being slippery, which is often the case with marbles and granite slabs. However, the bluestone pavers are slip resistant and allow the water to seep through their porous layers. So you can be assured that when you walk on these surfaces barefoot or even with slippers during rainy seasons or when floor is wet, it will not result in an accident.

Bluestone pavers Melbourne

Bluestone pavers Melbourne


Besides the above advantages, bluestone pavers for sale offer you with a lot of versatility when it comes to design, pattern or texture or even usage. For example, you can pick from a plethora of designs for these bluestones that include something on the deeper hues or even opt for lighter shades as per the decor of your home.

Secondly, these patterns and textures are very diverse too. For instance, you can go in for a very grainy or coarse kind of stone for your outdoor spaces or go in for a finish that is smoother too, depending on your specific needs. The versatile nature of these stones gives you plenty of options in both cases.

Last but not the least, bluestone pavers for sale is not restricted to just your home’s outdoor spaces. If you so desire, you can use these stones as kitchen flooring to create a rustic floor. Being easy to maintain and care, these stones take up not much of your time and effort. Also, they make a great flooring solution for your den space or even to creating staircases. You can use them on your balcony as well.

With so many benefits, these bluestone pavers for sale are definitely a sensible choice for your home. The ease of maintenance here is an added bonus.


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