Tips On Getting Fireplaces

Is a customer looking for a new fireplace? Few tips have been listed below to help in selecting the right kind of fireplace. Decide on the fireplace’s main purpose – Is it heat efficient, good with aesthetics or a combo of both the factors? By clearly communicating about this information to the person selling fireplace, the user’s options will automatically narrow down making the selection process easy. Don’t buy a fireplace with the intention of heating more than one room – A user trying to save money by buying a single heating system for many rooms results in an overheated primary room, which compels the user to turn off the gas fireplace most of the time. Here are tips on the same-

Fireplaces Melbourne

Fireplaces Melbourne

  • If the customer is looking for efficiency in heating, consider a thermostat-controlled, self-modulated fireplace – This fireplace will automatically turn up and turn down while at the same time helping in regulating the room to the desired temperature.
  • Research the fireplace options to determine which type of fireplace would best suit the existing or planned décor – Once the user has decided on a specific fireplace, the sales person should be able to review the available trim designs. Mostly the brochure contains options that are not usually seen in a showroom, and the user will surely find an option that blends without any fuss to an existing decorating style.
  • View the fireplace while the flames are inactive, not just when they are turned on – Since the fireplace typically does not run for 24 hours in a day, it is very important that the user likes how the unit looks when it’s not in use.
  • Avoid choosing a heating insert that relies on a fan to push the hot air out into the room – The best fireplace options are clean and efficient without the presence of a fan. Using a fan helps with circulation, but this marginally improves the heat output. Also, there will be a noise whenever the fireplace is running.
  • When choosing a decorative log set, choose one that easily fits into the fireplace area and leaves some breathing room – Having a lot of space around the log in the fireplace makes the entire set up better and ensures that the valve does not get overheated.
  • Determine how the gas should be operated at the fireplace – There are a wide variety of options available that includes wall switches, remote controls, and thermostat switch. The fireplaces can be operated manually, too.
  • If a gas fireplace is not available, consider purchasing an electric fireplace – Electric fireplaces are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles and also a lot of variety in trim options. These do not require any kind of venting. Hence, they can be installed anywhere at home.
  • A fireplace retailer who can look to have a licensed and insured HVAC contractor complete the installation should be found for a more professional set up –  The way the fireplace is installed impacts the overall durability, efficiency, and neatness of the operation.
Fireplace Beaconsfield

Fireplace Beaconsfield

The Different Types Of Fireplaces Are:

Insert Fireplaces

These are designed in such a way that they can be installed into an already existing masonry fireplace cavity. Also, this option can be used to convert a wood-burning to either natural gas type of fireplace.

Zero Clearance Fireplaces

These fireplaces are designed keeping the “zero clearance” to combustible building equipment in minds. These models usually fit in the houses when they are constructed or form the part of a big or small renovation project.

Freestanding Fireplaces

These are designed to look like wood-burning stoves and can be replaced with an existing wood stove or can be fit in where there is no stove.


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