What Should You Know Before Building a Granny Flat?

A granny flat is a great way of increasing the property value, getting extra bedrooms or housing an elderly member of the family or perhaps children who are now young adults and want their privacy. It can be converted into a home office or a studio or it could be a place where guests and friends can be put up when they stay with the family. That way they are part of the family yet have their own independence. Basically the granny flats are constructed for the elder family members because they need to live independently and they need some separate space for their peaceful living. In this case, you need to accommodate all emergency systems like, CCTV, emergency bell, traditional bathroom designs and medical emergency tools in these flats. Elder members of your family can be affected by medical problems suddenly, and they need to call you immediately. So you have to install some proper security system along with the emergency bell in their flats.

Build a granny flat

Build a granny flat

Some things to be considered before building a granny flat are: 

  • There should be enough space to build the flat. It should adhere to the regulations of the structural planning councils or the local bodies. You need to contact with the local municipal authority to get the permission for this house extension.
  • Everything needs to be thought of in great detail including the number of rooms, the design of the granny flat, the materials to be used, the ventilation, the interior as well as exterior structure and the physical appearance of the place.
  • The flat should be breathable and it should also have rent potential as well as it should be looked as a possible self sustaining option to live in.
  • A granny flat should have a small bathroom. Due to the size restrictions of the flat, the glamour and glitz of amenities should be kept to a bare minimum. For example a huge washbasin could be swapped for a small functional one.
Building granny flat

Building granny flat

Design the granny flats with necessary tools and make them environment friendly:

A skylight is a great option for granny flats. It gives good lighting and it boosts healthy living. It also decreases the electricity bills and gives a lot of health and psychological benefits. When you design the granny flats, you need to install some skylight, large windows and you have to plan some air filet system in their flats. The elder family members need some fresh air circulation in their flats. Also you have to install some room heating and humidity controller in these flats, to give them proper temperature and relaxation.

  • When designing a granny flat renewable energy sources should be considered. This will help in reducing utility bills, decreasing the carbon footprint and also in getting more viable sources of energy so as to decrease long term costs.
  • The granny flat should have a garden or trees as it will not only help with the visual appeal, it will give a sense of privacy and seclusion as well.
  • You can build up the granny flats as an extended part of you house. Else you can also cover your garage place into new granny flats.
  • However, the granny flat needs to install some comfortable designs and in this case, you have to prepare the layout before the builder initiates the project.
Custom granny flats

Custom granny flats

So now, extend your home and build up new granny flats for your elder family members. Through this extension, you can also save your taxes and you can also get in touch with your elder family member all the time. Apart from that, you can also use this flat as your guest room, and you can also conduct some short recreational activity in these flats.


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