Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring Crane Trucks

One of the main reasons for hiring crane trucks is that they are quite expensive and you don’t really want to spend that kind of an amount on the same. You would rather hire them because it is a more viable option. But it is also true that hiring these trucks is not that easy. The trucks require careful inspection and maneuverability. A few details can help you save on costs and hassles later. When you hire the crane for your construction work, you need to check their license, certification, insurance papers and you have to check their operator’s skills.

Crane truck hire Melbourne

Crane truck hire Melbourne

Liability and insurance

Most reputed crane trucks or companies that rent them out are insured. They also send along with the truck a reputed driver. Someone who has been operating these trucks or has knowledge of the same would do a better job.

  • These trucks and their drivers have insurance. In case of accidents the liability would be the company’s and not yours. So you need to take the photocopy of the insurance papers from the company and then you have to check the validation of their license and insurance papers from the authority portals.
  • In some cases, there is also the risk of injuries to the third parties. What happens here is that a crane truck hire by you could cause unintentional hurt or accidental damage to a third person or property.
  • In such cases you must have insurance or ensure that you get insurance before work commences. This would cover you for financial losses if there are such mishaps.
Crane truck rental Melbourne

Crane truck rental Melbourne

Condition of the crane trucks 

With a plethora of new trucks available in the market the old and rusty ones are not preferred always. But it is not necessary that an older truck can perform any worse or better than a new one. With the advancement of technology, there are a many automatic trucks available in the market and you need to check their mechanism and the previous records of accomplishment. In this regards you can contact with the crane hire contractors or company, and they can describe the different types of mechanism of their cranes. You can choose the perfect one as per your requirement.

  • Another important aspect is whether the crane truck companies follow the guidelines. In many cases these companies don’t abide by the regional or federal norms. What happens here is that an outdated truck could be used at your site or even the driver is not adhering to certain clauses or norms. So you have to choose some reputed crane hire companies who can provide you the best operators. The operators must know the safety features of the cranes, and they should indentify the smaller problems of the crane also.
  • And last but not the least, before you are signing the contract make sure that you read the fine print. These crane trucks can be hired on a daily basis or for a few weeks or months. In all instances, you must ensure that the contract is transparent about such issues. Also, you have the option to rehire the same truck or driver or renew the contract without increase in prices. These are little things that are often overlooked but ignoring them could lead to legal hassles.

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Crane trucks Melbourne

Crane trucks Melbourne

Especially understanding these technical implications is essential and you can have a lawyer double check the same for you. When you avail the crane hire company, you can run your construction business smoothly, because the company will take all the liability of their crane. If you face any difficulty then the company will replace the crane with a new one.


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