6 Quick and Easy Tips For Installation of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Installing new custom kitchen cabinets and countertops can be an exciting part of kitchen renovation, but it is integral to ensure that they are installed appropriately. There are several types if kitchen cabinets available in the market, such as wooden cabinet, stainless steel cabinet and concrete structural cabinet for your kitchen. You need to install the proper cabinet as per your need, and in this regards you have to measure the kitchen space and take help from the professionals who are experienced in this field. If you have a small space in your kitchen, then you can go for custom kitchen cabinet which can be designed as per the space or dimension of your kitchen and then you can install them in a proper way.

Custom kitchen cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Gather Essential Tools: Before you begin with anything, the first step is to gather all the essential tools that you will need for the installation of custom kitchen cabinet. Installing kitchen cabinet is a daunting task and if you want to install them by yourself then you need some necessary tools like, drilling machine, measuring tape, hammer and hitches. For maintaining your kitchen cabinet, you need to install the plumbing lines and electric wiring with your kitchen cabinet, and in this regards you can contact with some experienced kitchen cabinet designers who can install the cabinets within few hours only.
  2. Measure and Mark the Corners: While installing custom kitchen cabinet you must make sure that the fittings are properly aligned, otherwise you would have to work on the location where the cabinets are going to be installed. With the help of a measuring tape, measure the area and simultaneously match it with the dimensions of the cabinet, if there is any problem in spacing then you can go for filler strips that would make up for the adjustments.
  1. Measure from High to Low: You have to prioritize those areas where you want to cabinets to be from the highest till the lowest point. After all, the idea of remodeling kitchen is to make it efficient and better from what it was before. Hence, realize what your requirements apparently are and implement it when dealing with installation of custom kitchen cabinet.
  1. Hanging Upper Cabinets: Once you are done with the measurements and have all the tools that you need, then it is time to hang the upper cabinets. For this, assemble the various components of customized kitchen cabinet and place them securely according to the instructions of manufacturer. Make use of a stud finder to locate the area where you want to hang the custom kitchen cabinet.
  1. Installing Lower Cabinets: When dealing with the lower cabinets, the same method should be followed as seen in case of hanging cabinets, but the only difference is that these custom kitchen cabinets will sit at level where you want the countertop to be. You can install these kitchen cabinets in the same way and you need to drill your wall and fix the cabinets with some nails accordingly.
  1. Add the Adjoining Cabinets: The last and perhaps the most important tip is to place the adjoining cabinet only after you are satisfied with the height and placement of the first custom kitchen cabinet that you have placed. Installing the adjoining cabinet is simple, where you just have to repeat the entire process again in the same manner.
Kitchen cabinet Melbourne

Kitchen Cabinet

At any point of installation, if you feel that you are confused about a particular step then you can always consider consulting a professional who will guide you about the various steps involved and how it can be achieved to perfection.


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