Types of Domestic Roller Shutters and Installation Guides

There have been many recent advantages in the roller shutter industry that has helped in increasing the aesthetic appeal of the shutters as well as increase the security aspects for both industrial and domestic roller shutters. As the aluminum rollers that were being used initially does not appeal greatly to the eye or boost the appearance of the shop or home, manufacturers have been coming up with new solutions for this problem.

Domestic roller shutters

Domestic roller shutters

With the increasing demand, aluminum shutters have evolved into something that can be customized to match the personal demands and the exterior of the property. So, this will enable owners to co-ordinate the exteriors and also provide security and privacy to the properties.

Types of Rollers Shutters used at Homes

  • Lightweight and compact shutters need to be used at the residential areas. It can also have a double skin foam that is filled in the aluminum slat so that it will be able to block out the noise and add insulation.
  • Shutter boxes can be fixed onto the external surface of the window or even internally on the reveal. These rollers can be fitted under the lintel as well.
  • The shutter operation methods can be chosen based on the budget and requirements as a wide range of choice is available.
  • Swivel or geared belt type shutters can be operated using a belt. If the shutter is large then it will have to be operated using a geared crank handle.
  • Spring-loaded types are generally used in the external areas for spaces like exit doors and counters. A lock will be fixed at the bottom slat to provide an option for security.
  • Rod crank shutter can be operated using a geared rod crank handle that winds and when it is not in use, it can be clipped under the box.
  • Motor and switch type are mainly used for large shutters but even small installations can be done in this type. The motors are fixed inside the shutter axle and a rocker switch, remote control or key switch can be used to control the shutter. If a power supply failure occurs then manual override can be used by using the externally fitted shutter box. Many shutters can be installed and operated from a central or group of switches.

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Roller shutters

Roller shutters

Steps taken while installing the Shutters

  • The first step would be to determine the use and type of shutter that has to be installed. The shutters can be customized to meet the needs of the homeowners.
  • When the shutters are to be fixed on the external face, then the width and height of the opening will be measured.
  • To these measurement, a certain buffer length is added to accommodate the guide rails. The shutter box will be fixed above the opening in the windows and doors.
  • If the shutter has to be fixed internally, then the measurements need to be taken first along with the width that is required for the guide rails.
  • The height of the shutter will accommodate the shutter box.
  • When fixing the shutter it is important to remember that the size of the shutter box is based on the height of the shutter.
  • The walls and frames should be thick enough to support the weight of the shutters.
  • These shutters can be motorized so that it will help in eliminating any tedious mechanical operations.
  • The motor will be fixed on the shutter and it can be controlled using the remote. Hence, there will be no need to walk around the house and manually adjust the shutters when needed. Everything can be controlled from a single remote and it will be able to provide features like automatic limit settings, obstacle detection, frost protection, tamper resistance and many more.

Clocks can be set so that the shutter can be closed and open at scheduled times.


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