A Definitive Guide to Quality Rugs

A carpet or a rug is a covering for floor that has two distinctive layers – one back end layer which is there for support purposes, while the upper layer which are depicted with designs, arts and pictures are attached on to the back support. Traditionally from the ancient times, carpets were made up of wool but due to the modern day technology and advancement in cloth manufacturing methods synthetic materials are being used to make carpets or rugs. Some of the common synthetic materials that are being used to make carpets are:

Wholesale rugs Melbourne

Wholesale rugs Melbourne

  • Polypropylenes,
  • Nylons, and
  • Polyesters

Though both the term carpet and rug are used interchangeably and to a normal person there is no difference, but by the English dictionary – a carpet is a floor covering that covers the entire house or area, where as a rug is typically used for one room or for a smaller area which does not cover the entire floor and does not span from one wall to another, or not even attached to the back supporting materials for support purposes.

One more significant difference in which one can remember the basic difference between a carpet and a rug is that, when we describe the area of a house or a room, we measure the area according to carpet area – which is the usable area one can use while the area of the total house is larger than that, and not rug area. So for carpets it spans from one end to the other, while for rugs they are simple, short and good looking ones!

Depending on the origin of carpets, they have a long history, and the oldest recoverable carpet is the one that was recovered from the fifth century BC which is of the Armenian origin and is called as the Pazyryk carpet. There is no significant history of rugs as such, and many believe that rugs are some counter parts and alternatives to the traditional carpets which are used in the modern day households.

Rugs Frankston

Rugs Frankston

Does Technology give rise to Rugs?

It is true that due to the advancement in the synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, after the renaissance in the Europe, rugs came in to existence, while before this time there were some very few mentions of them and very few rugs were actually recovered which sometimes raises the question that is it due to the technology that rugs came in to existence, while the exact answer to this question is yet to be told, but it is most certainly true that technology has played an important role in the making, production, distribution and usage of rugs.

Decorate your Floor Space with Rugs

The modern households requires some specific quality rugs to make them look superior than the rest, while carpets in this part plays an very important role, but carpets are often troublesome to manage since carpets are laid for the whole floor and generally all other materials like the furniture and other items are kept over it, since they are made in a way to resist these pressure, so moving the carpets and cleaning the floor makes the process a little trouble worthy. Keeping in mind, here are some ideas to decorate your floor with rugs:

  • Can be easily relocated and moved,
  • Makes your floor look nicer,
  • Keeps dust away from furniture,
  • Can be used for a long time,
  • Can be stored in small spaces when not in use.
Rugs Waverley

Rugs Waverley

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People wanted to use this, and so the new synthetic rug or even traditional hand woven rugs are available in the market as well as the online stores, so do check them.


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