General Question To Be Considered When Installing A Fireplace

When you want to install a fireplace in your house, then you will have many doubts as to what fireplace you should chose and on what basis it can be decided. A fireplace will give a warm and cozy feeling to everyone in the house and it will be the perfect solution for a cold and windy night. It will give a picture perfect feeling to the house and installing a fireplace many be a complicated procedure for some people. So before doing that they will have to consider these questions based on which the type of fireplace can be decided.

Fireplace Cranbourne

Fireplace Cranbourne

What is the Budget Required?

When you set about to choose a fireplace for your house, then the first thing you will have to decide is the budget. It may include all the cost that will be incurred like the purchasing cost, installation costs, maintenance costs and running costs. A wood burning fireplace will need a larger outlay as it requires the construction of a fireplace and a chimney. The running cost will be low based on how accessible wood is. A gas fireplace will be less expensive but the running cost will be higher as the fuel has to be purchased. Electric fireplaces will be most economical but the running cost will depend on how efficiently it is being used.

What fuel needs to be used?

This will be the most important factor that has to be considered when building a fireplace. Five types of fireplaces are available namely wood, gas, electricity, pellet and bioethanol. The wood fireplace uses wood as fuel while pellet stoves use pellets, which are made from compresses wood. The electric fireplace runs of electricity. So based upon what is available in abundance to you, you will be able to choose the right type of fireplace.

Fireplace Beaconsfield

Fireplace Beaconsfield

How much heat is required in the room?

The type of fireplace that has to be fixed will depend on the amount of heat that is required. If large amounts of heat is needed for a large space, then options like wood or gas fireplaces will have to be chosen, though large amount of heat is lost through the chimney. Pellet fireplace will be effective for heating up small places and electric fireplace will be able to heat the immediate area in which it is placed. Though bioethanol burns very cleanly, it will not be able to generate a large amount of heat.

What Flue System will be needed?

The flue system will be dependent on the type of fireplace that is chosen. If a wood fireplace is installed, then a chimney is definitely required. Pellet stoves also require a flue as it works like the wood fireplace but it is not as intrusive as the chimney. Comparatively gas fireplaces are easier to install as the flue system can be created by just using PVC piping. Electric fireplaces will be the easiest to install as all that they require is an electric outlet. Bioethanol fireplaces needs no chimneys, gas connection, electricity or a flue system.

Fireplaces Melbourne

Fireplaces Melbourne

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How much ventilation is required?

Ventilation in the spaces that has to be heated is very important as inadequate air will cause a feeling of dizziness and uneasiness to the people if they are exposed to a great deal of heat for long periods of time. Most of the fireplaces are self-contained hence they will not let out the smoke that is resulted from combustion into the rooms. The flue system can be used to let out the smoke into the air outside the building and the vents that are used in gas fireplaces will let out the combustible gases. Some fireplaces some with an exhaust fan that will facilitate easier release of smoke.


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