Custom Trophies for All Purposes

When we think about the word trophy the immediate reaction is a sense of pride and achievement if you or your loved one has got one. If you haven’t, you would wish you or your loved one to get one after being victorious. In dictionary, it is defined as a piece of metal – generally gold, silver or bronze – which is given to a player, or a person or an individual when they were able to achieve something meaningful or won against a competition, on these occasions a trophy is given out. Apart from the player or person who has won the trophy a sense of pride also comes among their team mates, family members and friends who directly or indirectly helped them in winning!

Custom trophies

Custom trophies

Starting from all the prestigious events – like Olympics, FIFA, ICC Cricket World Cup – to any small events in schools and offices, distribution of trophies is a must. Apart from sports, trophies are also distributed during the social and cultural events, so here we are going to discuss about custom trophies, which is a nice way to represent someone and make them feel truly out of this world.

Types of Trophies

Contemporary trophies were often built depicting some of the moments of the event or the sports and they are the prime usage, but then there are some custom trophies, which can be used for many purposes, some of these types of trophies are:

  • Hunting Trophies,
  • Resin Trophies, and
  • Perpetual Trophies

They are used for a wide variety of purposes and can be used alongside any event. Apart from this there are some Academy awards winning trophies, and some trophies are made of the shape of a loving cup, which is perhaps the most common type of trophy that is available in the market.

Purpose and Importance

As said earlier, the main purpose of a trophy is to make the winner apart from the rest of the crowd and make him feel great about the event and to let others know about his achievements that he or she has made so far in his or her life. Apart from this the trophies plays an important role psychologically, emotionally and mentally to the one who has achieved it, and gives him or her a boost to push forward. It also helps other to acknowledge their own potential and inspires them to work harder, so that they can stand at the position of winning the trophy and thus representing him or her or their nation or their team or their family in the national or international crowds.

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Sports trophies

Sports trophies

What to Look for in Custom Trophies

When a trophy is made, it is made to some specifications and requirements of the event kept in mind, but in case of a custom trophy they are made for general purposes and can be given out or distributed in any purposes necessary.

When looking for these trophies one can go and look for their local stores on sports where you can usually get one of these trophies, or you can made one of them according to your need. Apart from these there are many online retailers and markets where custom-made trophies are available, and if you are looking for some great quality works then you can make it so.

Generally, trophies are made from gold, silver and bronze which are for the first, second and third position in any sports or events. More than this, some exceptionally costly trophies are also made from diamonds and platinum, which are given out in some international events. Some popular trophies are Nobel Prize, Guinness Book of World Records, Olympics, Grammy and many more, which are given out in special occasions only!


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