What Are The Different Kinds Of Tattoos Available In Tattoo Market

Tattoos at first were only sported by sailors, pirates and people who were not very honored in society. However, trends have changed and now everyone wants to sport one. When you want a tattoo but are not sure what you want or what kind of design you should go in for, this article will help you with the different kinds of tattoo styles there are:


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  • Realism: These tattoos create images, which are extremely real. These do not have bold outlines but they have a lot of shading as well as contrasting colors and so the image looks lifelike. These could be animals, birds, insects, leaves or more.
  • Black and Grey: These tattoos are similar to realism tattoos but in these colors are not used. Only black ink and water is used. When the black is watered down, it makes it softer and grey. Using this technique various shades and hues are created. There are grey washes which are used as well and sometimes actual grey ink as well as white ink is used when certain portions need to be highlighted. These even have sceneries or figures.
  • American Traditional Tattoos: These tattoos have clean black outlines and are bold. They have a minimal color palette and use just primary colors. The designs which are part of these American traditional tattoos are usually daggers, roses or skulls.
  • Traditional Japanese: These tattoos are intricate and they are inspired by hand carving tattoos. These also have bold black outlines and similar to American traditional tattoos these have minimal shading but they usually are inspired by nature as well as Japanese art. They also have characters and creatures which are found in Japanese folklore. They usually have tigers, lotus, koi fish, waves and warriors.
Tattoos Melbourne

Tattoos Melbourne

  • Biomechanical: These tattoos are based on the body flow of the client and are usually freehand drawings. These mimic the body flow and can be either cyborg, mechanical or even alien aesthetics. Always search and contact tattoo artist which are well known and professional in tattoo art area.
  • Bio-organic: These tattoos are similar to biomechanical ones but these instead of machines, have tattoos of organic organisms.
  • Portraiture: This style is a kind of realism in which a person’s portrait is created. These are either in black and white or it is in color. Usually the method of doing this is making a stencil from a photograph or an image so that the exact image can be replicated. This is done either in color or in black and white.
  • Horror: Horror tattoos have subject matter which is morbid. These are like portraiture or realism but with evil subjects or with monsters. These are either in black and grey or in color. These are usually done in full sleeves and large rather than small tattoos.
  • Illustrative: These styles combine both the realism as well as traditional styles. They have bold outlines and a lot of color saturation. The shading is realistic and thus what is achieved is more of an illustration rather than it looking like a tattoo.
  • New school: Is a style which is animated and is akin to the illustrative style but it is more exaggerated than it. The images are usually caricatures. These tattoos normally personify animals or objects and these are usually in fancy clothing.

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Tattoos Berwick

Tattoos Berwick

  • Lettering: This is the simplest and you can have different kinds of fonts. The letterings are aesthetically pleasing and the words could not only be alphabets but could include numbers as well.
  • Neo traditional: This is like American traditional tattooing but has shading and depth as well as color and detail, which are more realistic. This has animals and even images of women.

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