Prefab Homes Are Becoming Popular And With Good Reason

News papers and blogs online have impressive news such as “Chinese build 57 storey block in 19 days”. And the building in question would have 800 apartments and space for 4000 people. “How?” you may wonder. The innovative techniques result in speedy completion, cost savings and it also has the least impact on the environment.

Prefabricated homes

Prefabricated homes

Prefab homes are nothing new. They date back to the 1600s. Sears, Roebuck and Co sold more than 100000 affordably priced prefab homes from 1908 to 1940 but it is not until recently that prefab homes are becoming increasingly popular. So, what exactly is prefab?

  • Prefab homes are homes manufactured off site, say in a regular factory and then this is transported and assembled on site.
  • Factory-built, factory-made, pre-cut, panelized, modular, etc. are some of the terms that denote prefab buildings.

Types of prefab homes

Even within this definition there are different types of prefab construction methods:

  • Panel prefabs: In this method whole wall and floor panels are manufactured in a factory, transported to the site and erected on site. The panels may have inbuilt channels for electric wiring, water pipes and drainage pipes, as well as doors and windows. Such homes are usually erected on a concrete foundation or plinth.
  • Modular building: In this method of prefab construction a house is designed to certain specifications and all rooms are constructed in sections at a factory. These are transported to the site and secured together.
  • Manufactured housing: In this method the entire house is built inside a factory according to a design choice and it is put on wheels. It is then towed to site and put in place. Even the wheels remain in place, covered by skirting. Such homes can be driven away if the owner relocates.

Regardless of the method, prefab homes are sturdier and of better quality than houses built on site as long as the prefab methods adhere to local building codes. With modern manufacturing techniques and innovative methods, it is not difficult to have the house designed to one’s dreams and also ensure that they conform to local regulations.

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Granny flat kit homes

Granny flat kit homes

Why are prefab homes becoming more popular?

  • Quality: The reasons are not far to seek. It is expensive to build a house. You will need to consult an architect, pay fees, get plans approved, etc. It also requires you to rely on a contractor. It is always recommended to work with someone you know or through reference and use top quality materials. Prefab homes are manufactured in a factory to stringent quality specifications and use standard, quality raw materials and follow defined processes. You know you are getting quality materials and quality construction when you opt for prefab homes. These homes are also durable and have fewer problems of leaks, etc.  What Aspects Should You Consider When Building Granny Flats?
  • Time: Time is of the essence. It always takes a longer time to design, plan and build a house from the ground up on site. Construction can take anywhere from 6 months to a year if done the traditional way. But it is much lesser with prefab homes.
  • Labor costs: Labor is expensive. The longer it takes to build a house on site, the more you pay for labor and labor costs can form a significant part of your budget and this expense will be much lesser in a prefab home.
  • We lead busy lives.  We simply cannot wait a long time for the house to be built leave alone spare time to supervise construction or handle permissions and all other hassles associated with building a house. Ordering prefab houses from a quality a reliable manufacturer frees you up from most of the burdens with respect to building a new house.

If it is time for you to build your house, think of prefab houses from a reliable manufacturer. You will have more choice of material and can have a larger house for a lower price.

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