Guide to pick the Best Hardwood Pallets Manufacturers

If you are looking for hardwood pallets manufacturers, then your focus need to be on quality and long-term services. You can find the hardwood pallet manufacturers in almost all parts of the country; however, you need to remember that not all of them would provide you with sustainable and viable solutions for your business or home needs. So here’s a little guide on helping you pick sensible manufacturers that takes care of your budget along with other constraints.

Hardwood pallets

Hardwood pallets

Recycled or regular hardwood pallets

Usually, most hardwood pallets manufacturers sell both recycled and regular hardwood pallets. These days, most people are going green and choosing the eco-friendly way; having both options means additional sales benefits for the manufacturers. In theory, recycled wood is a sensible option if you are looking for decorative pallets, but if you are actually looking for something that is going to bear the brink of everyday wear and tear then consider getting fresh hardwood pallets. If you want both, then you can get them at the same place rather than going to different vendors.

Cost of hardwood pallets manufacturers

The overall cost of these manufacturers and the products they sell is crucial. You will come across wide range of vendors who promise you the best of quality but actually won’t deliver much. On the contrary there are also some who are selling pallets for very low costs and so there is a doubt about quality. The best way to check on the cost would be doing a comparative overview. You can get quotes from these vendors online or even just ask around over the phone. Once you have the costs, quality of wood and discount options, do a comparative overview.

Hardwood pallets manufacturers

Hardwood pallets manufacturers

Credibility and certifications

There are some vendors or hardwood pallets manufacturers who actually sell certified wood pallets that are approved by the government. These would actually cost you a little bit higher but you can be assured about the overall quality in such cases. Not only will the credibility factor give you assurance about your product quality but you will also get the warranties. So in case there is some kind of damage or problem with the same, you will get back at certain sum assured on it or even have the pallets replaced by your manufacturer.

Customized solutions

Also, look for hardwood pallets manufacturers that provide you with customized solutions for your requirements. For instance, there are some users who prefer a blend of either remade wood or recycled wood with some fresh hardwood pieces. Then there are others that prefer to get a particular cut or style without having to do it themselves. If your manufacturer is taking care of these needs then you are sorted and would not have to worry about calling carpenters or do the finishing yourself. You have to just worry about the installation.

Timber pallets Oakleigh

Timber pallets Oakleigh

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Other important factors to check

  • Beyond this, you should also check if your hardwood pallets manufacturers. 
  • Deliver to the area of your choice. For instance, do they charge extra for transport or would it be covered in your initial costs.
  • Plus, also ask if they help in the installation process. Some manufacturers would charge you a bit more for the same but would provide you with installation services too.
  • Ask around and find competitive rates. In the slow market, you can be in luck and get some easy discounts to reduce your costs further.

Look for wholesaler’s manufactures that offer you better rates as compared to the regular hardwood pallets manufacturers or retailers. This way you can actually reduce your costs further.


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