What are Polypropylene Bags and what are their uses?

A thermoplastic polymer is called polypropylene fabric. The process of polymerization of propylene produces polypropylene (PP), which is also known as polypropene.
  • Bags made by using the weaving method of the fabric are used to make the polypropylene bags.
  • Polypropylene material is a slippery one so glue does not work on these. In the industry welding process is used to join these bags.
  • Monomer propylene is used to make polymer and it is resistant to all organic solvents, non-oxidizing acids and bases. Thus polypropylene bags are quite strong, durable and used for storing various kinds of product.
Woven polypropylene bags

Woven polypropylene bags

Characteristics of Polypropylene bags:

  • They are non-toxic and resistant to most chemical solvents and since the surface of these bags are slippery; the fabric does not allow staining.
  • These bags are easy to clean and maintain. A lamination sheet makes them waterproof, which allows them to wash and are hygienic to use. The light weight makes them easy to carry.
  • These bags are quite durable and reusable. They melt under very high temperature of 167°C. The material is treated with UV absorbing substances on outside to make them sunlight resistant. 

Various Uses of Polypropylene Bags and Sacks

  • Bags are used extensively for storing and transporting agricultural products like seeds, fruits, vegetables, manures, fertilizers, etc. The bags are laminated and made waterproof, depending on the type of product to be stored. Mesh bags are used for storingfruits and vegetables to keep them fresh.
  • These bags are largely used in packing food materials. They are used to pack various food products that are Dry or liquid in nature. An inner lamination makes them waterproof. Cereals like rice, cornflakes, flour, and sugar can be kept for days without damage. The outer surface is printed with company specific logo, instruction and other information. The polypropylene bags do not tear easily unless cut and they are quite durable.
  • The polypropylene fabric is used in construction of dams, road construction, useful while building railway and building construction. Construction materials like cement, sand, concrete materials, etc are supplied in the bags.
  • The bags are used to store various materials in warehouses for long period of time. Various kind of product besides food can also be stored in these bags. The maintenance is low and hassle free.
  • These bags can also be used in day to day life for shopping, for storing products at home, and at medicine stores, etc.
Polypropylene bags

Polypropylene bags

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These bags can also be customized:

The bags are known by various names such as woven poly bags, PP bags, WPP bags, woven PP bags, etc. Their uses are many in the industry. The bags are mainly used for packaging materials.
Polypropylene bags can be custom made according to the requirement and need. They are made in various colors, double or single stitched with hemmed. They can also be double layered if they have to hold heavy materials. This makes them resistant to tear. The bags get their names for the kind of materials stored in them or their shape and features. The lowermost layer is of fabric on top of which a lamination is done. The top most layer is that of BOPP film which is pasted after it has been printed.
There are Liner bags which have a plastic line on top which helps to hold the bags straight with products inside. Then there are gusseted bags where the sides of the bags are folded to give them the shape of a gusset. Then there are the window bags which have a transparent circle in the middle and the valve bag which has a valve like structure in the corner to secure the products from inside.

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