Maintenance and servicing of Commercial Roller Shutters

Commercial roller shutters are a common choice in almost all kinds of commercial spaces be it a mall, some warehouse or even if it is an industrial area. The reasons for using these sturdy shutters made of aluminum or steel is to ensure that there is no security breach on your property. Not only are they durable but these are also weather resistant, and this proves to be an added advantage. When it comes to commercial set-ups, the proper maintenance of these shutters is important because the mechanism they function on is rollers and these can be manually pulled down or via electronic modes.

Install motorized shutters

Install motorized shutters

However, a major issue that these commercial roller shutters face is that there is a lot of dirt and similar particles accommodating in between these roller blades. As a result of this constant accumulation, it is a possibility that the shutters might not operate completely. They would not come down or go up as smoothly and so in some cases the manual intervention becomes mandatory. However, it can also be a risky affair because if the shutter malfunctions due to poor maintenance then you would have to deal with some serious security threats and also higher replacement and repair costs.

Get contractual service

One of the best ways to avoid mishap is by getting commercial roller shutters with contractual service. The experts from the company where you purchased these rollers or even a contract service company would regularly visit your workspace and do an inspection and check. If there is a need for any part replacement, cleaning or similar procedures, then these professionals will do the needful. There is a regular charge for this service though it could be free for the first year or so.

A contractual service for commercial roller shutters is a sensible option for reducing overall costs in the future. You don’t have to worry about doing regular cleaning or oiling, but the servicemen would be taking care of the same for you.

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Maintenance and service roller shutter

Maintenance and service roller shutter


If you have skilled personnel to do this task, then the same thing can be assigned for them as well. However, the first issue is that you have an electronic operated commercial roller shutter and so it is best to not involve novices in the cleaning process. It could mean more harm than good. Secondly, the cleaning might not be as good as the experts. However, you can actually do some basic cleaning on a regular basis using a dry mop or similar tool. Doing so would help in preventing excessive dirt and particles from getting assembled here in the area. Also, you can use an industrial vacuum cleaner for the purpose too.

However, here are some warning signs to watch out for. And in these instances it is best to call the experts-

  • If you experience some kind of disruptive noise from the commercial roller shutters or it seems that the same is not closing properly then you should not delay calling a service person. In particular if the shutter is not manual, it could mean that there is some tuning required here.
  • Also, if you notice that the manual shutter is not closing properly or is being creaky, you can actually try oiling the same.
  • Never try to force shut the automated shutters on your own or forcibly. It can lead to irreparable damage at times. If the commercial roller shutters is posing a problem and hands-on mechanics are not available read the manual and implement suggested measures.

Keeping in these simple things in mind will help you in better maintenance and service of these commercial roller shutters.


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