Inspire Someone with Customized Trophies and Engraving

A good way to acknowledge a personal achievement is by awarding the individual with a custom trophy. Choosing trophies and engraving for your presentation or an event can be a challenging task. Preferably, your awards should convey total quality; they should precisely reflect and even strengthen the distinctive image and reputation of your organization, event, or presentation. Custom trophies and engraving are also a special way to uniquely communicate and strengthen your company’s brand and event positioning. Engraving is a creative skill that can be utilized in the creation of design, art, literature, and so much more. Award makers create custom awards in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Custom awards provide the opportunity to make an enduring, positive impression on your event and presentation.

Laser engraving Braybrook

Laser engraving Braybrook

Things to be Aware of When Choosing Trophies and Engraving:

You do not want to award anyone with a low-grade trophy as this would create a poor image about you and your company. Therefore you have to be careful while choosing trophies. Following are some of the factors that you need to consider:

  • Types of Trophies and Engraving: There is a large variety of trophies available. It gives an idea of what you are looking for. Decide on the material and size of the trophy that you want to present. If you want to have the engraving on the trophy, make sure that your trophy maker can do it, if not, you can always outsource the task to another business.
  • Quality: It is very important to choose trophy makers who can create high quality trophies. Make sure you question not only about the material, but also the grade of the material. The quality of the engraving can vary between suppliers. So opt for a supplier who has rich experience in engraving, and whose procedure of work does not leave behind any toxin.
  • Make sure that the message is readable: When investing on custom trophies and engraving, do not compromise on visual aesthetic, you need to ensure that your message is readable.
Trophies and Engraving

Trophies and Engraving


It is important to check the samples and go through the artworks before you give your final order:

Be flexible with engraving font choice: The type of the font used to engrave a trophy can considerably contribute to the overall aesthetic of the piece. Relying on the proficiency of your custom engraver when it comes to the final font selection will assure that trophies and engraving maintain a professional and eminent quality.

  • Personal Artwork: Personal artistic works or designs can be included in a trophy. For this, trophy makers work with high-resolution photo and artwork files.
  • Cost: The total cost is based on the number of trophies, material used, and their type. Usually, the more trophies you order, the higher the discounts you get. Engraving can be considered as an extra service and hence you may be charged extra for the trophy engraving.
  • Sample Trophy: Most businesses provide you a sample trophy before making a final version. Some companies give samples in a digital format, while others may give a physical sample. This helps you to inform if any changes in the engraving or dimension of the trophy.
  • Production Length: Because the creation of trophies and engraving requires more attention and work, custom awards take longer to make. Make sure that company can meet your timeline, especially if it has to outsource engraving and art services.

You must know that custom trophies are not reusable hence companies generally do not accept returns for custom trophies. Some exceptions can be made if there is a fault of the company. But these exceptions are rare, especially after a sample is provided and you approve it.


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