What is crazy paving all about, and what are its utilities?

Crazy paving is the concept of design where stones and tiles of irregular shapes and of different sizes are laid down in random manner. There is no specific pattern that is followed and stones are kept in any way that they seem fit. Motor filling is used in between the stones to fill the gap. This type of method of design was first used in ancient Rome and it has been popular all over the world now. Crazy paving is generally used outdoors in garden, around the pool, driveways, courtyards or walkways which gives an ancient look to the surrounding. Though these are meant for outdoor flooring, they are used indoors too now in shopping malls or corporate or residential building reception area and lobbies. The trick is to lay stones in such a manner that it reduces the use of mortar for filling the gap. Too much use of mortar in the joints will make the structure weak and it will easily come off.

Crazy paving

Crazy paving

7 most commonTypes of Materials Used For Crazy Paving 

There are various options in natural stone types that could be used for paving. Using each of these stone give a distinct look to the finished place. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Bluestone paving – one can use this kind of stone throughout in the design or mix it with other kind of stones. There are different types of bluestone like the cleft or the thermal bluestones which are used for the indoor and outdoor paving patterns.
  • Endicott paving – Endicott split stone gives a very nice look to the flooring or wall when used. There are many options within endicott family that one can choose from for crazy paving.
  • Harvest paving – this natural stone when used on mesh makes it very strong and durable. Various color combination from this stone’s family can be used together to get the look.
  • Porphyry paving – this is a well known Italian stone that has a very nice natural color. It has a dense constitution and is used in busy places where it would not get cracked under huge pressure or load. There is variation in color tone as well, which gives the pathway a nice natural look.
  • Mist paving – this is split stone of slate grey used on mesh for flooring. Extremely durable and long lasting effect and can be used in all outdoor locations.
  • Saddle paving – this is a slate stone material used in flooring. Saddle crazy paving is done on mesh giving the structure a durability and stability.
Limestone pavers

Limestone pavers

Process of Crazy Paving 

It is a tedious process, which requires patience and good skill to get the desired look. Select the type of stone to do the design. The area needs to be cleared first. There are two type of methods used depending upon types of stone. When there is irregularity in width of stones used then ‘individual bedding’ is used where each stone is laid separately in the bed.

The shape of the bed depends on the shape of the bottom of the stone so that it fits properly. When the width of the stones is regular then screed bedding’ can be done where a consistent level of bed needs to be maintained. Stones are laid as close as possible to each other and the gaps are then filled with mortar to complete the process of crazy paving.


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