Importance of Roadworthy Certificate when you decide to sell your car

Roadworthy certificate is a kind of endorsement that the vehicle operating on the road is in a suitable driving condition, and that it meets all the recommended safety standards for safe and efficient driving experience.

  • The motor vehicle act mandates that all new and used cars must meet the minimum safety standards and all such vehicles must carry fitness certificate in order to have the operating vehicle registered.
  • This certificate is awarded only after thoroughly testing the car on the road and finding its road worthiness.
  • Road worthiness of vehicles applies to all the automobiles like cars, motorcycles, and light trucks etc. that operate on public roads. The road worthiness not only refers to smooth and safe engine working but also constitutes the use of lights of specific configuration, well functioning signal lights and safety equipment’s like working brakes, air bags for accidents etc. that also contribute here.
Roadworthy certificate Brunswick

Roadworthy certificate Brunswick

The Basic Coverage by Inspection for Roadworthy Certificate 

Roadworthy Certificate inspection covers the following basic vehicle operational items:

  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Head Lights, signal lights and reflectors
  • Windscreen and wipers
  • Windows
  • Steering
  • Damage to the body or rusting

What is the difference between routine check-up and full-scale inspection of the vehicle? 

One must bear in mind that safety certificate inspection is different from a full or comprehensive inspection.

  • Safety inspection for road worthiness is a minimum inspection for safety standards, while comprehensive mechanical inspection may be required while buying a used vehicle. Only a licensed auto-vehicle tester can issue this certificate.
  • Non-safety items of the vehicle like air-conditioning, electric windows and rear wipers are usually not covered under this certificate. And road worthiness certificate should not be construed to imply that all the items checked will continue to function as such after the inspection.

Validity of Roadworthy Certificate

The validity of the roadworthy certificate varies from country to country and in some cases from state to state in certain countries. Mostly it is valid for 10 to 15 years, after which it needs to be extended at regular intervals, which is mostly 5 years. In some countries the laws are more stringent, where the cars are required to be tested for their roadworthiness every year.

Mechanic Brunswick

Mechanic Brunswick

Certificate Requirement and Associated Cost

  • It is mandatory that one get the roadworthy certificate before selling a vehicle or before getting the vehicle registered. The cost of the certificate can vary depending on the age and the condition of the vehicle. The certification cost also depends on the type of the vehicle. Licensed vehicle tester can provide a quote for the roadworthy certificate.
  • In certain cases where a vehicle fails a roadworthy test, the vehicle tester is required to issue a rejection report. Usually after a failed test, one is required to replace or repair the rejected items within a week or two and get the vehicle tested again for certification to see if it passes the same. 

It is quite possible for the vehicle owner not to be satisfied with the certification report especially if it is a negative one and rejects the vehicle for meeting the safety standards. If not satisfied, the customers must check the roadworthy certificate report to make sure that the component in question is a part of the roadworthy standard inspection. You should directly talk to the tester to relay your misgivings about the test. If the still not satisfied or in case of an unresolved issues, you are free to seek a roadworthy certification from another independent licensed vehicle tester. If the second opinion conflicts with the earlier findings then you can challenge the earlier rejection and thus also seek a resolution in your interest.


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