Estimated Value of a Prefab Home

While opting for a prefab home, you need to be aware that these houses can be customized and need not be mass produced as thought by many. Most of the companies dealing with prefab homes have their engineers which make use of CAD or computer aided design. In other words, you can get a house of your choice through prefab homes. These are considered as ‘green property’ and can also be used to build the commercial property.  These prefab homes can save time and money as they are faster to build and are as strong as the on-site homes and can withstand the harsh climatic conditions.

Prefab homes

Prefab homes

Calculating the Value of a Prefab Home

This consists of two major components:

  • The cost of the work required on-site to get the modules into a finished home
  • The modules cost by the manufacturer and then sold by a dealer

The cost of the modules totally depends on your selection of the specifications and features. The type of site work and the construction work to complete this home is another cost altogether. It is advisable not to try to find out the prefab home price in accordance to the price per square foot as this will not give you the right answer due to the fact that all homeowners come up with their own specifications and requirements which can determine the cost of the house.

How do dealers calculate the estimated cost of a Prefab Home?

Well, reputed dealers in prefab homes can give you an estimate in an hour’s time if they are provided with the specifications, floor plan and also any additional work on the construction site. You need to be able to provide accurate information about your requirements so that you can get a price estimate closest to the actual cost. Specific details might not be accounted for and you need to find this out from the dealer how they will be calculated.


Prefabricated homes

Accurate and Detailed Estimates

Once you have the rough estimate, you can include the specifications required and compare the accurate estimates provided to you by different dealers. Before you opt for a specific dealer make sure the specifications provided by you are included in the estimates so that there are no misunderstandings later. A total estimate should be inclusive of the base price as well as the total of optional prices. The base price will cover the specifications which are standard in your house plan and the optional price will include the selected upgrades. You might have to pay for applicable taxes, crane, and delivery separately. All this information should be given to you by the specific dealer.

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Shopping for Prefab home

Consider the factors listed below before you contact a dealer for you prefab home

  • Check out the different manufacturers in and around the location you desire your home to be in. This can bring down the cost of transportation.
  • Choose a specific design and style for your home before you approach the dealers. With fixed ideas of what your home should be like, it will be convenient to get an estimate.
  • Before hiring a contractor, be sure of the licenses and insurance, as this ensures safety. This is no small investment.
  • Landscaping around your home will work out as an additional cost. Keep all this information in mind as you will need to know the exact value of your home only if you have information about the minutest details.

Prefab granny flats Melbourne

There are multiple benefits when you opt for a prefab home, keeping this in mind, make sure you plan it out with patience and with the right set of people. If you want to know more then visit our website to explore the different design of prefab homes which suitable to your budget.


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