An Ideal Comfortable Mattress

There comes a time when each one of us has to think of replacing a mattress, however, good it might be or whatever the cost. Presently, if you need to search for a mattress you might get confused as there are more than 100 types available in the market. Each of them has their own benefits; it depends on person to person which one works best. Talking about mattresses, the priority should be given to comfort. The rest of the factors to be considered can follow. A comfortable mattress can provide you the much needed 8 hours of peaceful sleep and an uncomfortable one will leave you tossing and turn at night.


Mattress Nunawading

Considerations before you opt for a mattress

  • Size: A mattress needs to be ‘just right’ in size. You cannot buy a king sized one for a normal bed or a small one for a large double bed. Both ways, it does not serve its purpose and also makes your bedroom the sore point in your home. To opt for the right size, it is necessary that the chosen mattress is longer than your height. You should be able to place your arms under your head without them going under the mattress. This can be termed as ‘comfort zone’.
  • Core of the Mattress: The core is divided into four types, a) foam b) late c) inner spring and d) air-filled.

The Inner Spring:

These seem to be apt for those who like a bounce on their beds, but you can make a choice of how springy you want your mattress to be. People on the heavier side prefer a support of a thicker gauge. Interconnected coils are longer lasting and the pocket coils can reduce the ripple effect and tend to be more comfortable as they can avoid movement on one side of the bed when someone on the other side moves. The outer layer of these mattresses is either filled with fiber or has foam. These might seem tempting but you need to keep in mind that after some time the jump and the bounce start reducing.

Mattress sale Nunawading

Mattress sale Nunawading

Latex Mattresses:

These mattresses are as firm as the property of memory foam mattresses but do have some spring in them. Natural latex is also antimicrobial and resistant to mold and dust. They might be a little expensive but can last for nearly 20 years.

Memory Foam Mattresses:

Memory foam mattresses having a polyurethane core are less springy. Quality can be determined by finding out the thickness of the foam layer and the density. 5 pounds of the cubic foot in density, works out ideal if you are looking for good quality.

Air-filled mattresses:

These mattresses are either rubber or vinyl chambered and are available with a remote to control the amount of air you require. The ones with  two-sided chamber are available and can be customized in accordance with your requirement

  • Position you sleep in: This factor can be helpful in choosing the right mattress. You can look for a mattress that you can sink your head and back into if you normally sleep on your side. You need to make sure that your backbone is straight.
  • Weight: Another factor which can determine the type of mattress you need to opt for is your weight. If you are on the heavier side, think of the innerspring mattress or you can also opt for the memory foam ones which are suitable for all types of body weight.
  • Prone to Allergies: In case you suffer from any sort of allergies, find out a mattress which is specifically designed to ward of allergens and mites. This can add to your comfort.

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Keeping the above considerations in focus and also keeping your budget in mind you can opt for an ideal mattress with warranty. Reputed manufacturers do not hesitate in offering warranties for their products.


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