How to get the granite and marble headstones designed and customized for your loved ones?

It is true that nothing can surpass the grief that you had after losing your loved ones. If you are well aware of how to preserve their memories, then you can go for the construction of the granite or the marble headstones in the cemetery for your family members or friends who have already passed away. It is always advisable to create the headstones out of materials like solid granite or marble so that they last long for years to come, and they do not get eroded due to water, moisture absorption, sunlight, and the wind:

memorial headstones melbourne

Memorial headstones Melbourne

  • You can easily use the granite stone to make the headstones, as granite is durable, and it can be given a shining surface that lasts or long, and names and designs can also be engraved on the granite stone. For instance, you can engrave the name of the dead person, a poem on behalf of his memory, or else, you can also place the date of birth and design some intricate floral arrangements on the stone.
  • You can design the granite and the marble headstones in such a manner that they reflect the moods, the likings and the aspirations of the person who lives no longer. You can add a personal touch or a touch of creativity when you start designing the headstones for the deceased persons.
  • The designs that you make on the granite or the marble headstones should not be odd, grotesque or completely out of place, as they should reflect the true spirit and the nature of the person who was very near and dear to you. The cost of the stones varies according to the quality and the design that you choose, and you can easily customize the designs as well.


Using motifs that are large or small in headstones:

The motifs can be done keeping in mind the hobbies and the profession of the person who is no more. Try not to make the design for the headstones gaudy, and they should not also be made too insignificant that they almost look non-existent:

  • If the dead person was fond of colors and he was an artist, then you can use different colored motifs and symbols, or sketches and etchings on the headstones that will make people remember the person with ease.
  • If he was fond of flowers, you can surely include some floral motifs as part of the headstone design, and floral motifs are always intricate, and even if they are kept in small quantities, they act as great decorative elements for the headstones.

How to take care of the memorial headstones?

It is not just enough if you make a headstone, and it lies like that. If you are negligent in maintaining the headstones, then you are actually doing a great dishonor to the person whom you loved very much:

  • Granite and marble headstones can be cleared with a solution that contains fifty percent water and fifty percent bleaching material so that the headstones can be cleaned more often, and they can be maintained very well all throughout the year.
  • If you purchase bronze headstones from a company, then you must ensure which are the materials that are used in the bronze stone, and what their percentage is. After this, you can decide accordingly to use a cleaning agent to clean the headstone.
headstones melbourne

Headstones Melbourne

There are many readymade kits that are available in the online portals, and you can buy the headstone cleaners from these portals. If you regularly make use of a plain cloth and water and then clean the headstones with this, then also the headstones will remain intact and you will not feel guilty about neglecting the memory of your loved ones.


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