Which 3 Main Excavation Services Do Contractors Offer?

Earthwork happens to be an important aspect of construction. This profession needs specialists who work with earth and ensure that land plots are made perfect for the purpose of building new homes or structures. Many domestic and civil services are provided by earthmoving and excavation contractors to construction companies, electricians, plumbers, builders and homeowners. The excavation services that they offer consist of soil removal, landscaping, trenching and drainage, house and shed sites and all that lies in between. 

excavation services

Excavation services

What are the three processes in which the excavation services carry on with their work?

Earth Moving 

This is a task which needs to be finished even before the real process of excavation gets started. The process includes stripping shrubs, stumps, trees and undergrowth from the land which is to be excavated.

  • Excavators move rocks, dirt or soil, and various other materials lying all about on the plot in order to ensure that the elevation is perfect for building.
  • It is also essential in order to prevent flooding of the building at the time of raining.
  • This also makes sure that the foundation of the earth is solid enough for supporting the overall weight of a building. Extra materials may also have to be brought with the help of trucks in order to make a proper surface.

It is wise at all times to have discussions with an excavation contractor, even in case you only need to make a small addition to the building or if you just want to dig a basement.

excavation Melbourne

Excavation Melbourne

Civil Construction

This is also termed as “Rough Grading” in some cases, and is followed by the task of clearing and grubbing done by the excavation contractor. There are some spots which have to be filled up while other land sections can be high enough and require cutting down of the soil. Rough grading involves the method of cutting the land and filling it before construction. The cut and the fill process is executed by the excavation contractor in accordance with a set of civil plans which show the present land elevations as well as what is needed for making the land perfect for building purposes. There are many ways and techniques which help in the process of civil excavation, and you need to have the building regulation certificates and required permission from the authorities to carry on with the work of civil excavation.

Site Remediation

In the case of a standard residential construction project, the task of an excavation services contractor actually begins once the home and its boundaries are determined by the surveying crew.

 The soil is removed by the contractor to the depth that is necessary for the fresh foundation.

  • He also makes sure of the firmness of the soil with the help of compaction tests as well as compaction tools, if needed. The needs for the dig have to be accurate, so as to enable the excavation contractor to use a level and also transit well in order to match the grade which is recorded by the surveying crew.
  • Once the foundation is laid in place, stem wall and footers are laid by the excavation contractor.
  • The new foundation is backfilled by the contractor.
excavation services melbourne

Excavation services Melbourne

An excavation contractor has to submit competitive estimates and bids, and need to understand the rates existing for excavation in the area.  In the majority of states, contractors are supposed to be bonded and licensed and might need undergoing a skills and knowledge test as well show proof that he is financially stable. There are many excavation companies that are available online, and you can get the services and the price lists accordingly.


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