How to Find a Good Plasterer for Residential and Commercial Work?

You can always find plastering services to be in demand. Plastering has an essential role to play, whether in renovating your bathroom or improving the overall appearance of your home. This is a type of job which needs special skills and you should get it done only by an experienced and qualified professional. These days, most homeowners go for home renovations and improvements on an annual basis, in order to improve the resale value of their houses. There are many plastering services available, and you need to know about the materials and the tools that they use before you assign them any project. Apart from this, you must also check whether they offer you a competitive price list for all your plastering needs.

plastering Bundoora


Top 4 checklists before you assign plastering task to any agency:

a. Check the skills

First of all, you should ask for the proof of the expertise and skills of the plastering work  service provider. You can visit their website and talk to prior customers and then take a look at some of the instances of their previous projects. When you choose a plasterer with enough experience and who has been around for more than 5 years in the field, you can get an automatic assurance of quality. There will be a guarantee that the task will be superior in the standard.

b.Get references 

If you know someone in your social circle having recently got his home constructed, renovated or remodeled, find out whether he or she has a good plastering service provider to refer to you. You can ask your relatives about when they had done plastering in their homes, and for how long the plaster remained intact. You can also check the following:

  • Local home renovation stores
  • Yellow Pages, both offline and online
  • Real estate agencies
  • Homeowners associations

You should try to talk to those you are familiar with, and the judgment and advice of whom you trust on. You can also post questions on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and find out from actual homeowners who have been there and gone through the grind to find reliable providers.

c. Interview various service providers 

It is hardly a sensible idea to talk to the first agency you come across and opt for its services. You need to find out what type of plastering services it offers, and whether they include:

  • Set work
  • Float
  • Skimming
  • Flat
  • Plaster covering
  • Plaster boarding

You have to ask the company representative and find out about all such information, to know whether the service provider fits your requirements. Ask about the types of residential and commercial projects that it has handled in the past, and what type of plan it can offer you. Good agencies are always ready to offer you a detailed plan in the type of budget that you have. You can also get the chance to compare plans and rates when you interview a number of plastering agencies.

plaster Campbellfield


d.Check a project nearby 

Home renovation is an expensive process, and you would like to have an idea about the quality of services before signing on the dotted line. It is a good idea to check one or more projects that the plasterer is working on, in order to get an idea about the quality of the plastering service.

Given that plastering is messy, splatters which are left over the floor and other surfaces can be tough to get out unless they are immediately cleaned up. A first-hand look at the project will help you to understand how tidy the plasterer is.



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