Why do you need roof top air conditioning systems with HVAC System?

Air conditioning is now an important business in fact, it has become a necessity in all the countries. It is more required in places that have hot and humid summers. Why does life become comfortable with air conditioning? This is because the air conditioners not only cools the buildings but also absorbs the moisture. Air conditioning system in your home or in your commercial areas keep the surrounding environment free from pollutants, and they also keep your furniture dust and termite-free.

daikin air conditioner Skye

Daikin air conditioner Skye

Commercial vs. residential HVAC system

  • The main difference between the two lies with the consumption of power. The space that is required in a business is obviously more than the residential place. The people are more in such areas and the cooling has to be effective. It is therefore not possible to size the air conditioner in a commercial place
  • The installation of the air conditioning system needs special skill in commercial places. They would require multiple ACs to cool the spaces and handle the entire load.
  • The residential units are usually installed that is hooked up to ducts. The condenser of the unit is placed outside whereas the evaporator is placed indoors, usually in garages or basement.
  • The system that is used by the businesses uses the space in an optimum manner to avoid any noisy operation. It is even easier for the technicians to make repairs if necessary, unlike the residential systems which are quite difficult to maintain.
  • Unlike the residential system, the commercial units require complex zoning. They also use multiple thermostats to control the temperature. This helps to save energy as certain areas like the storage spaces are not required to be cooled regularly. It is important to check the star rating features of an air conditioning system, before you go for the installation, as there can be problems regarding power fluctuations and you have to pay a hefty amount if the energy ratings are not good.
air conditioning Mt Eliza

Air conditioning Mt Eliza

Are rooftop systems advantageous?

  • Rooftop HVAC systems are common in commercial air conditioners. They are flexible as they are basically modular units. It requires less space and can be redesigned as and when required. The temperature settings and the usage of energy can be tracked with this system.
  • The commercial building seems to be silent with rooftop systems. They are much quieter in comparison to the older ones. They are also quite space-saving.

The ground units are more likely to get damaged and are under the threat of continuous theft.

  • The performance level of the air conditioner also improves. It meets the air flow demands and matches with the fan speed economizing the controls.

What are the benefits of preventive maintenance?

  • The best way to maintain the air conditioning system is through seasonal tune-ups. The greatest advantage with this is that it will not break down suddenly and also will consume less energy.
  • The lifespan of the units increases with care and attention. The preventive maintenance involves regular checkups by the trained technicians. The functioning of the system is in the hands of the professionals who are available on emergencies to answer all the queries that are related to the HVAC system.
  • The replacement of the system is only required when it has become very old and is consuming lot of power. But this can be changed if you contact with the professionals regarding the installation, repairing and the maintenance of the systems.
air conditioning Oakleigh

Air conditioning Oakleigh

Preventive maintenance of the system makes the unit function efficiently for a longer period of time. The maintenance is done by the experts in this field and that too in an affordable rate. If you want to get these air conditioning at your home then get in touch with us to get detail information.


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