Give Your Interiors a New Look with Ceiling Lights

The diffused lighting at your favorite restaurant has something magical in it. You feel a sense of relaxation and peace as soon as you enter there. People are unknowingly attracted more to the décor than the service that an aesthetically designed place provides. Lighting plays a significant role in creating an interior that sets the mood in your den, and that too at an affordable price. Ceiling lights are being increasingly used by designers in order to get the maximum out of living space.

art deco ceiling lights

Art deco ceiling lights

The Placement of Lighting

You can make your room look decorative or low-key by the use of light. What effect you want to achieve in a particular area is the deciding factor in the placement of lights. If you are planning to change the lamps, consider what kind of lighting that particular room may require.  It is nice to have ceiling lights with dimmer in your living room.  This will help you to adjust the lighting when you are reading a book and making it subdued when watching a TV show. In the kitchen and the bath, use bulbs that give reliable and consistent lighting.

Use Suspended Ceiling Lighting

Suspended ceiling lights can be used in innovative and creative ways in order to design the design of your false ceiling, and to create an illusion of height. Here are some unique ways in which you can use hanging lights in your home decor.

  • If you have a ceiling with a lesser height, you can use the suspended ceiling light to focus on the walls. This creates an optical illusion and makes the room appear more spacious than it really is.
  • Use oval designed ceiling lights in your kitchen or above your dining table with a similar shape, to highlight the oval shape.
  • You can use suspended lighting in your bedroom in order to highlight the artistic design of the false ceiling, or as a backlight that focuses on the wall behind the header of the bed. Hanging lights can also be used to focus on one corner of the bedroom that you want to highlight.
wall lights melbourne

Wall lights Melbourne

Choose the perfect height

The ideal height at which you should hang your suspension lights is around seven to eight feet. But this height can differ according to the shape, size and height of the room as also your idea behind using these lights.

  • The light looks smaller if you hang it at a greater distance from the floor. Lowering the height of the suspended bulb will make it look larger.
  • If you have a very high ceiling, you should hang the light closer to the roof. Again, to maximize the effect of the light, use a light which has a bigger diameter, or else it looks insignificant.
  • If you have large rooms, with dimensions above twelve feet, use ceiling lights with a diameter between 22″ to 27″.

Lights for Multitasking

Just like the furniture, when finalizing the placement of your light, try to focus not only on the decorative value but also on the functionality of the lighting. Use dimmer lights to increase its functionality. You do not want the same amount of light at any point in time. When having a formal party you need bright light, but you would surely prefer a dim light when spending a quiet evening with someone special. When you use ceiling lights with dimmer switches, the same piece does multitasking for you. You save the cost of installing different types of bulbs for different occasions.

ceiling lights melbourne

Ceiling lights Melbourne

Regular Cleaning of Lights

Whatever light you use, you will need to clean them on a regular basis. If you have hanging ceiling lights with a brass or metal frames, you will only need to dust them using a soft piece of cloth or brush. Do not use any harsh chemical to clean them. If the lights are at a height, take precautions and have someone to help you when doing the cleaning. Always allow the lights to cool down, before trying to clean them.

If you want to know more or any suggestion then have a look to get detail about these ceiling lights design information.


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