What Aspects Should You Consider When Building Granny Flats?

Granny flats are an incredible option for people who require extra accommodation for caregivers, ageing parents, children and even adults without compromising their privacy or comfort. These flats can either be an independent or attached property, depending upon the designs that you choose. However, it can be extremely helpful for the families that need extra space during some or the other time.

granny flat building plans

Granny flat building plans

Though councils of different countries are encourage building granny flats but there are certain rules and regulations that are associated with it, which every homeowner should abide by. It’s also good investment option for homeowner, you can take several benefits from granny flats.

Types of Granny Flats

There are mainly three forms of granny flats and they are

  • Home extension so as to dwell extra accommodation
  • Independent property detached from your dwelling and
  • Additional space of accommodation near your house.

No matter what the form of granny flat is, they are stated to be a fully separate and functional dwelling. Like any other flat, it also has its own private entrance including living area, bathroom and kitchen. The important thing that you need to note here is that a space room inside your house does not qualify to be a granny flat, neither does the shed which may have the bedroom but does not support living or kitchen areas.  This is the reason why building granny flats are regarded to be a great idea providing you the housing solution that you always wanted.

There some vital regulations that have been created for the making of granny flats in order to ensure that someone rents the flat they can stay both independently and comfortably. On the other side, these flats cannot be constructed as grand mansions, rather most of the councils have limited the size of these flats to outdoor space 12 square meters and living space 60 square meters.

These are some of the basic rules that should be noted when you are about to build your very own granny flat.  If you have enough space and the right plan then you can take a step forward by seeking approval from the council members.

granny houses

Granny houses

Getting Council Approval for Building Granny Flats

As mentioned before, councils often encourage the construction of granny flats, but following the stipulated rules is essential too. If you apply for the process of approval then there are certain aspects to look after. Making a note of these aspects will ensure that your approval is fast-tracked and not rejected or held for years.

Mostly, the council member looks for four important things and they are

  • Structural designs by engineer
  • Architectural drawings
  • Survey plan
  • BASIX certificate

Though in certain cases it is seen that engineer’s structural designs are enough, but having the architectural drawings bring a sense of surety that your plan would be approved at once.

After the process of approval by the council members, the next step is to start working on the approved plan. For this, you are going to need the expertise, skill and competence of a professional contractor.

Search for a Qualified Contractor for Building Granny Flats

The granny flats are much like any other residential project that requires help of a reliable professional. Therefore, when searching for a contractor who needs to discover those who specialize in building granny flats.  This is because such contractors would get your job done at affordable price and without compromising quality.

best granny flats

Best granny flats

Hence, if you are struggling with accommodation issues and want to make the most of the small spaces then granny flats are the best thing to have. They are easy to build and can be the best solution for all your accommodation problems.


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