How Blocked Drains Can Be Cleared In An Easy Way

It is a regular feature for every household. Your toilet, basin, and the shower pipes often get chocked or blocked due to excessive sedimentation. The water doesn’t seem to run smoothly and it gets blocked. Thus, it becomes essential to clear the pipes in order make the flow of the water smooth. There are many such ways by which the blocked drains clogs are removed and if you are not experienced in doing so then you could definitely cause a mess. But if you are a first timer then you need to have certain knowledge of how to remove the dirt of clogged drains.


Blocked drains Park Orchards

Home remedies for clogged drains

Although many chemicals are available in the market, there is no guarantee that these compounds will work for the blocked drains. Many times, it has been seen that these products will choke the passage of the pipes in a bad way.

  • The simplest method is to pour loads of boiling water so that the drain gets cleared. You can also add up some salt to remove the clog.
  • You can make use of baking soda and vinegar to clean the drain. You need to create a mixture of both these chemicals to create foam and then pour the mixture into the drain. It can also make the drain pipes very smooth.
  • Moreover, you can also use the small drain snakes to clean the blockage of the tube. It is a thin long tube with hook and bristles that will help to unblock the tiny particles of the pipes. These snakes will cling to the walls of the passages and will remove the dirt.

Blocked drains Warranwood

Other methods to clear drains

There are many other ways to clear blocked drains. Let’s look at the options.

  • The bellow plungers are pressed into service when there is a requirement to move excessive clogs. These are designed to build pressure behind the clog and ultimate forces the clog out of the pipe. These plungers are chemical free in nature and are cheap in quality.
  • Another method of cleaning the clog is poking and taking apart. You will need to take out the plug underneath the sink and try to clean the dirt of the sink. Though this is a time taking method, it helps to remove the clog.
  • The toilet bomb can also be a useful product to clean the clogging of the drain. It is a mixture of baking soda and gypsum salt. You put these bombs near the clogged pipe of the toilet and then you need to flush the toilet. It works very in removing the dirt from the channel.

Single fixture drainage blockage

When it comes to blocked drains, there is a possibility of only the installation drainage obstruction.  Often it is seen that the sink tub or toilet does not flush properly. Then you can see that the blockage could be in fixture trap, and you might be able to repair yourself by using plunger or hand anger. If you detect any pungent smell from the back of the other, then you will know that there is a single fixture drainage blockage.

Multiple Clogged Blockages

It is another kind of blocked drains where the blocks occur in various places between the installation and main line. In certain circumstances, you need to call a plumber who will help you to remove these blockages and make the pipes smooth.


Blocked toilet Donvale

Using the caustic soda

You can also use caustic soda to clean the drain blocking, and you need have protection while cleaning the blockage. It is a very chemical for removing the dirt.

Hope these home remedies will help you to solve your drain problem. If you face any major problem then talk to an expert to get useful information about clean your drain.

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