What are the Types and Approximate Cost of Gas Hot Water Systems?

Gas hot water systems burn either liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas to heat the water. These gases are delivered to the system through a piped network and are the best options for the people who live in area with less sunlight.


Gas hot water service

  • It is simply because gas hot water system generates almost a minimal level of greenhouse gases as compared with other electric water heaters. It produces 25 to 30 percent less gases and possess lower upfront costs that heat pump systems.
  • In case, natural gas is not available with you then you can always go for bottled gas or LPG. However, you must be aware of the fact that LPG may prove to be a bit expensive than natural gas. There are no additional costs of heating arrangement that you need to do for your home, as the gas hot water system is the basic one that reduces additional costs and these do not pollute the environment either. 

Types of gas hot water systems 

  • The first type of hot water system is the storage water heaters. The function of these heaters is to heat the water and store it in the insulated tank. You can use it whenever you need it.
  • Another type is instantaneous systems. Such a hot water system does not use any storage tank. They are also known as continuous flow systems. Whenever hot water is needed, you can heat that much water in it. 

Gas hot water service

Gas hot water service: what’s the installation cost?

The installation cost of a water heater system is not actually fixed. Although plumbers charge around $700-$2,000 for installing a water heater but it depends on upon various factors. The entire installation costs of gas hot water service depends on upon the type of project, type of unit possessed by the customer, changes required to complete the installation process successfully etc. For example, if you are using 50-gallon of natural gas water heater then it may cost you around $900 to $1700 to install it. 

How to hire the right gas hot water service

Before you hire a gas hot water service for installation, you need to answer the very pertinent question of water consumption in your home.

Typically, 80 gallons of water is used by a person every day. However, the consumption may vary if you prefer long hot water showers and using water for dishwashing purposes. What you can do is just call the professionals offering gas hot water service to analyze the usage of water of your home. The professional will analyze the number of people living in the house and consumption of water per head. To ensure the best, you can get the quotes from more than one professional and then make the final decision. 

Calling a gas hot water service during the winter months:

Keep the following tips in mind when hiring a company that offers gas hot water service:

  1. A good professional will always install dripping pans with enough clearance for effective functioning of the system. That is one tell-tale sign whether a gas hot water service company is worth your while or not.
  1. Make sure the concerned company or individual follows safety norms during installation. Check with your friends for recommendations. In fact, if you have some friends in the vicinity who have gotten a gas hot water system installed, go check out their system.
hot-water-installation-Bacchus Marsh

Hot water installation

Make sure you hire only a licensed and qualified company or individual who has years of experience in the respective field.


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