Stonemasons Continue to Create Wonders, Just Like Old Times

The relationship of humans with stones began very early, when they lived in caves. Then humans collected stones of varying sizes and used them as weapons to protect themselves as well as for hunting. These crude stone tools gradually became more sophisticated. As time passed, humans started building houses and stones were used to make these houses durable and beautiful. Today, when we look at the pictures of the Taj Mahal, the Egyptian Pyramids, and the statues of the Easter Island, we marvel at the magnificent stone work. Truly, there is hardly any word of praise that can match the god gifted talents of the stonemasons of that age. But the modern stonemasons are no less talented. The wonderful temples, mosques, cathedrals, the spectacular public buildings and structures, the beautiful statues and fountains are the works of our modern stonemasons.


Bluestone Malvern

What Does a Stonemason Actually Do?

A stonemason, as the name suggests, works with stones. Stonemasons can create works of art like spectacular statues or structures of practical use like buildings, public halls, etc by using stone. They take crude pieces or blocks of stone and rocks and give them the desired shapes. As stones are hard, durable and resistant to erosion, the work of the stonemason lasts through the ages.

Types of Stonemasons

Stonemasons are experts at working with stones and giving them beautiful shapes. However, not every stonemason can work with every variety of stone or rock. Also, not every stonemason can fit stones in buildings as well as carve out statues with equal precision. Let us take a look into the various kinds of stonemasons that continue to surprise us today with their talents:

  • Carver Mason –Carves out beautiful shapes out of rough and crude stones. This kind of stonemason mainly carves out statues, fountains and other forms of art where artistic sense is the key
  • Fixer Mason –Work in buildings and fix stones onto the walls with cement, mortar and resin. This job requires the stonemason to work at a considerable height and handle heavy blocks of stones and rocks. This involves a lot of risk.
  • Banker Mason –Work in workshops. Here they polish and further shape the stones prior to fitting them in the buildings. Banker masons make sure that the stone blocks are of the perfect size and shape so that no problem arises when the blocks are being fitted.
  • Sawyer Mason – Use diamond shaped saw to shape the stone blocks.
  • Memorial Mason – Carves out tombstones, gravestones, memorials and statues.
Bluestone South Yarra

Bluestone South Yarra

Techniques of a Stonemason

Any discussion about stonemasons and their work remain incomplete if their tools are not mentioned. Stonemasons use various types of tools to handle and shape rocks, stone blocks and slabs. Hammer, chisel, metal straight edge and mallet are the most common tools used for flattening stone surfaces. Different kinds of hammers, like punch hammer, walling hammer, etc are used depending on the usage. Masonry trowels are also used for shaping as well as leveling purposes. Modern power tools like the abrasive spinners, angle grinders and compressed air chisels demand minimized labor and time, but handling these tools requires specialized skills and training.


Bluestone Melbourne

Main Features of the Work of Stonemasons

  • Their work is awe inspiring. They are magnificent and spectacular to look at.
  • The stone building, statues and monuments last for centuries. These works help preserve history.
  • As stones are hard and resistant to wear and tear, the work is durable.

Stonemasons possess great knowledge about different techniques and tools inherited from the past to make their work long lasting as well magnificent. If you’d like to know more or enquire about these stonemason services, please click here to get extra-ordinary work from prefessionals.


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