5 essential points to remember before you buy pocket coil mattress

The essential accessory in a bedroom is the mattress. While it can turn you fresh in the morning after a relaxing sleep, it has the capacity to turn your mood grouchy too. Comfort is the most important thing when it comes to buying the mattress. The best rule to check on the comfort is given by Goldilocks. Try every bed that you see to know which one is the right one for you. However, there are certainly other things that you should know when you decide to buy a pocket coil mattress.

Indeed, pocket coil mattress is one of the most popular accessories for beds.

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Things to check when you buy pocket coil mattresses:

  1. Latex:

Almost all the pocket coil mattress that you look at is built on the same principle. It is the material that is used will determine the comfort that you experience when you sleep on it. Choose the one that is made of latex as it is natural rubber. This is a comforting option for hypoallergenic people. Besides it is a dust and mite resistant material. When you are looking out for a mattress that is neither too firm nor plush, then the one with latex is your option.

     2. Memory foam:

A pocket coil mattress that comes with memory foam is known for its well-mould body. However, you need to pick the one that comes with temperature sensitive material. The foam is known to heat up quickly as compared to others. While latex will make it be the firmest mattress, you might not be comfortable with the heat or the warmth. It is essential to buy the mattress depending on the temperature of your area, and also whether you want to use a bed sheet over it or not.

     3. Firmness:

It is good to pick out mattresses that are firm. However, there is no need to be strict with this rule. Not everybody will respond the same way to the firm mattresses. Uneven support will put different stress on different body parts. If you do not wish to wake up with pain in the shoulder or hips, you need to determine on the firmness of the mattress. You must check reviews and compare prices to get the best deals on the pocket coil mattress.


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     4. Size:

You certainly do not want your feet hanging in the air while your body rests comfortably on the pocket coil mattress. Look out for the ones that are ideally longer than your height. Apart from the height, you should be concerned about the width as well. You would not want to sleep straight military style as if you are not resting but guarding your bedroom. Getting the right size for the mattress is important as it is related to your physical well-being, and if the mattress juts out from your bedside, it does not look good. So it is important to decide about the size.

     5. Price:

The pocket coil mattress is usually low priced. It is the foam and material that determines the cost. Hence, you can look out for the brands that offer such mattresses at lower prices. But you should never think of compromising the quality over the costs. You will find cheap, mid level and expensive mattresses. But when you know about its components, you can make out if it is rightly priced or not.


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While these are the most crucial elements while buying the pocket coil mattress, you should be alert too. There is no need to get swayed in by the sales jargon. There will be several stores that would use heavy, orthopedic words to lure you. However, you should be smart in determining the right mattress. Try sleeping on the mattresses to know whether your body feels good about it!

Mattresses are designed to provide the support and comfort you need to relax and rest. You can even maximize this benefit if you buy a mattress according to your sleeping style.


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