Wood Heater-An Invention of the Bygone Era that Continues to Serve Even Today

A wood heater, which is also known as a wood burner, is simply a stove that burns wood fuel. It is a heating appliance in which wood and its derivatives like wood pellets are burned. Wood, an organic matter and a biomass, is a cheap source of fuel, which is easily available. Firewood which is used as a fuel in such heaters can be of two different types, hardwood and softwood. Even though both provide similar energy outputs in terms of burning, the former has a slower burning rate, while the latter burns at a faster rate. There are multiple benefits of wood heaters.

wood heaters Dandenong

Wood heaters Dandenong

Components of a wood heater

The heating device is usually made from a metal that will not melt easily, and it generally consists of cast iron or steel. The different components that make up a good Wood Heater are a brick base where the fire burns, a closed chamber to contain the fire and an air control that can be adjusted as per individual need. A chimney though not essentially a part of the heater, is an important accessory that needs to be fitted with such heaters to ensure that the smoke is effectively expelled. If the reader thinks that a wood heater, however small it may be, can be grouped under other household bric-a-brac, then they are certainly mistaken; because a wood heater is not a decorative item of little value, it serves many essential purposes.


The advantages of using a wood heater are as follows:

  • It can be purchased at an affordable price
  • It saves electricity bills because it does not run on electric current
  • It uses wood, which is cheap and easily obtainable
  • It lends a traditional and conventional touch to the rooms of a house
  • It can be used as a medium for cooking food along with keeping warm
  • It is useful in keeping the rooms warm in colder climates

Things you should know before buying a wood heater

A buyer should be thoroughly sure about the type of heater that he or she wants to purchase, and then proceed accordingly.


Wood heaters Officer

Tips to remember before buying a wood heater:

  • Decide on the size

Well, deciding on the size of a wood-burning stove is pretty simple. One has to take into consideration the size of the room in which they wish to place the heater. Wood heaters are more suitable for houses with rooms that are large in size. In this way, the appliance will not take too much place, and there will also be ample space to walk around, or for keeping other household items.

  • Decide on the budget

Budget differs from one individual to another and each buyer purchases according to the amount that he or she can afford to spent.

  • Research before you buy

It is always prudent to enquire about the product and the shop before zeroing in on any particular item

  • Keep in mind the guidelines for pollution control

Since it is the duty and responsibility of each and every citizen to keep the environment free from pollution, wood heaters should be bought by strictly following and adhering to the guidelines for pollution control. Each of us can contribute in every little way to help save nature from further damage.

Need for chimneys

Consumers of firewood must install chimneys and special air filters in their house to curb air pollution. In this way, harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which are responsible for causing global warming, and soot, can be trapped into the specially designed air filters before being released into the atmosphere.

wood heaters Narre Warren

Wood heaters Narre Warren

Hence, it can be said that a few things from the past still exist in today’s modern world, which have not yet been pushed to the brink of extinction by the technology driven twenty first century, and a wood heater is one such example.

If you want further information then visit this link to explore more detail about wood heater.




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