Various types of queen mattresses

If you have been feeling any discomfort in your own bed and think that it is probably due to the mattress then you might be right. Many people do not know the perfect mattress type for themselves as they have not researched well before venturing into the market. As a result, when people wake up with back or neck ache they generally blame it on their bad sleeping postures or some such other reasons, overlooking the mattress.

pocket spring queen mattress

Pocket spring queen mattress

There are so many different varieties of queen mattresses available in the market today that people are almost spoilt for choice. A queen mattress generally measures 153×203 cm. There are hard mattresses for people suffering from spondylosis, there are medium ones which make sure that it caters to most people in terms of comfort and there are also extra-soft mattresses that will curve according to your own body and provide the maximum comfort.

The different kinds of mattresses available in the market are:

  • The first one is the open coil mattress. It is built from one single piece of wire which is continually twisted to get coils of spring. These are much cheaper than other kinds of mattresses. Though they might be cheaper and lighter, they can be easily turned. These mattresses are good for 2-3 years as the coils wears out quickly and you have to replace them quickly.

  • There are latex foam mattresses which are generally durable and quite comfortable. These are the mattresses which give out a sort of synthetic feeling once you snuggle down on them as they are made from a liquid produced by the rubber tree which is then mixed with another synthetic liquid to make foam out of it. They are moderately priced and offer great value for money.

  • There is another form of mattress which is known as memory foam. They are synthetically built as their top coating consists of a type of material sensitive to temperature thus offering you the best in terms of comfort. It gets warm easily though. Another advantage of this kind of foam is the fact that you can take the pain off your sore joints with this kind of mattress.

  • One type is the pocket spring queen mattress which is made with pre-compressed coils individually built into pockets and sewn together. A common misconception is that these do not provide the comfort desired and are not meant for everybody but it is always worth a try! Pocket spring mattresses which mostly have around 2000 springs folded and sewn into pockets. These pockets are individual thus the material is well-distributed throughout the mattress. This is one of the advantages of this kind as it will make sure that any two persons sleeping on it get the same amount of comfort. You are not going to feel the heat as the springs are separated into pockets thus allowing air to circulate among them.

bed stores springvale

Bed stores Springvale

Advantages of the pocket spring queen mattress:

The very first advantage you might have regarding this type of mattress is their durability. As these are individual pockets, so if one of them gets torn they can be replaced with much less hazard compared to other mattresses. These are absolutely fine for people who have moderate weight and support the body evenly, eventually relieving one of back aches or pains. If you are a person who sleeps on his or her side then it is meant for you! As you turn on your side the mattress conforms to your body and relieves you of the pain from sore muscles. Thus, you can definitely try out a pocket spring queen mattress!

Moreover it is not synthetic at all thus making sure that one who gets allergies from synthetic fibres will not do so from these. hope this article will help you to choose the right mattress according to your specific needs.


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