Step by Step Guide to The Process of Fujitsu Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioning is done to remove heat from the interior of the room and provide comfort by disseminating conditioned air in the room. The conditioner dehumidifies the room and brings down the temperature. Air conditioners are commonly used in domestic and commercial spaces as well as in vehicles.


Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioners allow buildings the much required air as these buildings cannot have natural ventilation because of increased wind speed and high altitude. Air conditioners are found in various types of buildings such as offices, malls, and restaurants. High rise residential buildings with tall dormitories, industrial spaces, cars, aircraft, boats, institutional buildings and indoor stadiums use air conditioners.

What is Fujitsu Air Conditioning Service?

Air conditioners get dirty overtime and collect dust that sits within the conditioner and prevents it from cooling properly. All types of air conditioners face this problem. Thus servicing the air conditioner is very important for proper functioning. Fujitsu air conditioning service not only increases the performance but also eliminates any problem inside the air conditioner and ensures functioning of all the parts. Missing out on service may cause problems like water leakage, noise from the AC, cooling issues. Components like the filters, fins and coil of the conditioner require regular maintenance as failing to do so will decrease the performance but increase the energy consumption.

Various Fujitsu Air Conditioning Services and Processes:

  1. Cleaning of Air Filter and Fin: The air filters and fins collect dust and debris very quickly hence the filters and fins are checked for mold or dust settlement. These will be obstruction to proper cooling hence the fins and filters are removed and washed.
  2. AC Condenser and Evaporator Coil: Due to dust the air conditioner can get over heated. Thus, the condenser and evaporator coil should be cleaned to avoid this. In split AC the condenser coils are placed outdoor.
  3. Evaporator Fan Cleaning: The mold and dust from evaporator fan blades are removed by the technician.
  4. Leakage Check and Drain Cleaning: Water leakage or dripping from the air conditioner is not a good sign. The technician checks for any leakage from pipes and tubes inside the AC. The drain of the air conditioner has to be cleaned.
  5. Coolant Level Check: The coolant level must be right in the evaporator coils and cooling. When the coolant is less than required amount then the temperature of the cooling coils drop thus the air conditioner stops cooling.
  6. Window Seal for Room Air Conditioner: The seal between the air conditioner and the window frame should be sealed properly. Gap between the window frames can cause leakage of cool air and the moisture can damage the seal.
  7. Overall Inspection: During inspection the technician checks all the parts of the air conditioner like motor, fan, evaporated unit, thermostat etc. If any component found at fault, then the repair and replacement is conducted.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Service

The best way to enjoy the performance of the air conditioner is to have it regularly checked and maintained by the technician experienced in fujitsu air conditioning service. Some companies offer updating the components of the air conditioner within the warranty period. During winter season the air conditioner should be covered to save it from dust.

Fujitsu air conditioning service is an important thing for the life of your system. The service agents provide high level support. The services provide are:



Different Type of Durable And Reliable Kubota Generators

Kubota is a well-known name of the top-quality engine manufacturer in the world. Kubota generators have everything that you want in a generator. They are built sturdily and are famous for being the world’s renowned machinery used widely for its workmanship. Kubota generators are diesel engines that promise great reliability and service in any application. Kubota is the most reliable and have an experience of eighty years in the field.

Kubota Generator

Kubota Generator

The Concept of The Kubota Generators

 Since Kubota generators are powered by their own diesel engines, reliability is guaranteed. Fuel efficiency has been increased by reducing soot, unburned Chan carbon dioxide emission. This one type maintenance diesel engine gives lifelong service for any application. Reliability is a guarantee when it is Kubota Generator.

The solutions offered by Kubota are manifold:

  • Load management.
  • Energy distribution.
  • Quality power for a critical application.

The types of Kubota Generators:

  • 9875-Watt Diesel Generator is simple and easy to install in any applications. They have a compact design and are 1800RPM with a liquid cooling system.
  • 9875-Watt Diesel Generator with sound enclosure is super smooth and quiet in operation. It has a 3-cylindrical engine with sound-proof enclosure. It is manufactured with an automatic voltage regulator.
  • Generators of this brand feature with a 4-cylindrical diesel. It is powered by auto safety shut down and is very impressive to look at.
  • This Diesel Generator has a silky-smooth operation with a turnkey start. This one has a premium 4-cylinder V1505 engine along with vibration isolation, liquid cooling, and home grade muffler.
  • Kubota 15kw is a lifelong guarantee machine. It features a 1.5l 4cylinder engine and sound-proof enclosure. It is termed as a workhorse generator.
  • Kubota 21 kw generator is a powerful V2203BG diesel. Its features are liquid cooling, residential grade muffler, and auto safety shutdowns.
  • Kubota Powered 21,000-Watt Diesel Generator with Sound Enclosure works so silently that you need to check the light to feel it’s working. It features a Kubota V2203 4-cylinder diesel engine. This one also has a brushless generator with AVR that has provisions for liquid cooling.
  • Generators from this brand are built in such a way that it saves optimum diesel. It is ideal for sensitive electronics as it comes with automatic voltage regulator and is Kubota V3300BG 4-cylinder diesel engine.
  • Kubota 50 kW Diesel Generator functions rather smoothly and is noiseless with 1800 rpm water. This diesel generates 50,000 watts of power.


It is understood that Kubota generators are easy to use and carry. They can generate power ranging from 7 to 33 kW. They are versatile and can be used in Construction sites, Mines, Chalets, Telecommunication towers, residences, and offices.

The markets for Kubota generators is very wide as they are indispensable in the fields of Agriculture, Industrial, Mining, Institutional, and Construction. These can also be made and adapted according to the specific application. Regardless of your application, these Kubota generators ensure a continuous and optimal operation.

Kubota generators are powerful, clean and reliable. They are quiet and compact. The performance of Kubota Generators is genuine. If you wish to save your investment you must always use Kubota Generator. Trust the proven performance and Invest in lifetime service oriented Kubota generators.

The Latest News:

Kubota introduced a new generator to serve the power generation market better. This generator will successfully serve a wide range of industries with its diverse applications. The newest product is Lowboy Pro Line’s GL14000. It is a 60Hz single phase generator with noise as low as 65 GB while running. It uses a higher quality alternator and corrosion resistant paint. This Kubota generator is unique and carries the renowned Kubota quality.

Shelter Your Entertainment Zone With Sail Shades

Often people like to work out or play outside their house and hanging out in most of these outdoor places comes at a cost to the skin, it does not necessarily mean bad, but at times when your intention is to enjoy the sun it is also to be considered that there are harmful UV rays that can cause serious health issues. In such situations to keep the inclement weather at bay and to enjoy the outdoors, it is advantageous to have options of shades in areas of entertainment.

There are many types of shades that one may choose from, there are carports of single and double size, awnings and shade sails that could be used to protect yourself from the sun’s heat. Sails are extremely durable and are pretty popular for outdoor entertainment areas. They can be very attractive and draw some noticeable attraction from your curious neighbors.

entertainment area shade sails

Entertainment Area Shade Sails

Historically sails have been a life savior for men braving the ocean, no doubt that they also saved the men from the sourcing heat of the sun while onshore too. The same philosophy of the stretched cloth from post to post is employed for entertainment areas shades too. 

Types Of Shade Sail

There are various types of shade sails, the most common and popular one is the triangular shade sail and the other alternative to this is the square shaped shade sail. Varied colors make shade sails an elegant choice. Either design will provide coverage for the entertainment area shade. One has to ensure that they make the right decision. With the square shape, you will have advantages of having a larger area covered and provides better shade at one length, the triangular shade sail will have the smaller covered area covered in comparison to the square shades. There is a notable advantage with this, the triangular shades can be placed in the variety of designs to have some areas open which will allow direct sunlight to reach the ground and also during rainfall this feature is very helpful. While there is often a considerable belly that a square shade sail may acquire due to many reasons, these could include and is not limited to lack of tension in the fastening of the shade sails or the buildup of water during monsoon.

shade sails for entertainment area

Shade Sails for Entertainment Area 

Installation Of Shade Sail

It is a quite easy to install entertainment area shade sails. The key to a successful shade sails installation is the fastening of the ends to the hooks that are driven into walls, trees or other hard surfaces. If the tension on these ends is maintained, the shade sail will stand the test of time. Then again the height factor must be considered during installation, as a thumb rule is to cement each post that will support the end of the shade into the ground. The depth of the post into the ground is determined by the clearance height of the shade itself. If for example, if you have the shade clearance height to be at 9 feet then the 1/3 of that the length has to be the depth the post will have to be buried in the ground.  

Area Of Installation

Keep in mind the area that you are choosing for installation, there is a need to measure the entertainment area and shade sail coverage areas too. Based upon the coverage, you may need to calculate the size of the shade that will be required. It is also vital at this time to look for the options that are available on the material and color scheme for the shade. If you have conducted a good research in these areas, your shade sail will enhance the outlook of your home.

Exclusive Benefits to Gain with Wooden Cases & Crates

Wooden items might not be that strong when compared to steel or aluminium, but that does not stop you from realizing the benefits it holds. Wooden planks and other parts of a tree bark can be used for constructing multiple items, which are further coated with protective paints for long lasting durability. Other than using wood for creating intricate furniture, you can use it for manufacturing wooden cases & crates. These products are now booming the market and there are so many reasons behind it. These crates are mainly defined to be amazing and best points for packaging. These items comprise of so many benefits, which you better learn before a purchase.

Wooden Cases & Crates

Reuse Wooden Cases & Crates

Benefits with wooden cases and crates

You might have heard a lot about wooden cases & crates but never got the chance to use one. Now, before you get to use it for your purposes, make sure to learn the benefits it holds. But even before that, it is important to learn a bit more about what exactly these products are. When it comes to packaging, wooden crates and the cases are best options to rely on. These are available in self-supportive structures, which are suitable for shipping multiple items, mostly the light in weight and fragile ones. These crates are mostly used for transporting food items safely. Not just food items, but you can use the same products for transporting clothing items, fragile goods, crockery, food jams and similar other products.

If you check out the points mentioned already, you might have understood what exactly these wooden cases & crates and why people are more into using such stuff. But now, even before you move and make a purchase, it is important for you to learn a bit more about the items. The more you come to know the better results you are likely to end up with.

#1. Affordability:

It has to be a strong suit when you are dealing with such wooden crates and cases. The most obvious reason behind such a growing popularity among industries is because of the money you have to spend for the same. These are quite affordable when compared to the other materials, used for manufacturing crates like plastic or metal. You can easily procure these crates from the market and can use them conveniently for covering all your future needs.

#2. Reusable and durable:

These are two of the major characteristics, which you are likely to come across while dealing with wooden cases & crates. The wooden products are not just affordable for you to use but can also be defined to be sturdy enough for long-lasting workability. These are hard to wear off and can easily be reused when the initial purpose is over. On the other hand, these wooden packaging items comprise of enormous capacity, which can easily be used for transporting larger quantities of goods for sure. Because of the strength, these wooden products are popular among the masses and big industries as well. These are available in multiple shapes and sizes to match your needs well.

Wooden Cases & Crates for Transportation

Wooden Cases & Crates for Transportation

#3. Enhanced protection and great for stacking:

You will be amazed to know that these wooden crates and the cases are likely to offer you with enhanced protection. It can always reduce product damage to a great extent and can also act as a proper barrier from an environment. It is also great for stacking due to the sizes and shapes. It is light in weight and can be placed on top of another.

So, be sure to learn these benefits well, before buying yourself wooden cases & crates for any use in the nearby future.

The Working of The Brake and The Ways of Maintaining Brake Parts

It is unfortunate to note that we give undue attention to engines while ignoring brake parts and components. If you wish to drive at highway speeds or want to drive safely at high speed, what you need is the set of brakes. Among all mechanisms, automotive brakes are most important. Brakes are crucial for safety while you are on the roads. Brake maintenance needs your due attention to details. By following some important brake maintenance tips, you may ensure the safety or functionality of your brakes. Proper maintenance of the braking system may also prolong the life of a braking system.

As safety is paramount and the cause of concern, make sure that your brake parts are checked and repaired from time to time. The brake should be designed to the modern driving habits. You may start to think that brakes bring the vehicle to a halt, but this is not so. It is mainly the friction generated by the car tires that slows the car or stops the car. This friction is generated against the roads. When there is friction, the brake stops wheels from moving and this is the actual working car brakes.

Modern cars mainly use disc brakes. Disc brakes have several components including calipers, brake pads, brake discs, brake master cylinder and brake lines. The disc-brake carries plate-like disc and this plate gets squeezed by the pads on the rotors within the calliper. The brake pads serve as a platform for creating friction and slowing down the vehicle. There are various maintenance tips you may follow for the brake pads.

Brake Parts Maintenance

Brake Parts Maintenance

Basic maintenance tips you need to follow while using brake parts 

Your first and foremost task will be to choose a right type of brake and the brake parts. Worn out and old brakes must be replaced. Choose the rotor pads and performance brakes of top brands. If you go by the names and look for only trustworthy and reliable brands, the brakes will need less maintenance and repair. The following are some maintenance tips:

  • Check out the brake fluid and make sure it is in the appropriate level.
  • If the brake fluid carries milky color, you will need to replace the brake fluid. Change the brake fluid from time to time. Milky color implies that water has infiltrated the brake fluid and so the change is required. Your master cylinder may get damaged if you leave infiltrated liquid. Your wheel cylinder will also get deteriorated.
  • Just add new fluids to the brake cylinder.
  • Get all the air out from your brake lines. This act needs two people whereby the one pumps air out of the brake and the other watches the valve.
  • Regular inspection of brake rotors and brake pads is must to consider. You should make sure that the pads and rotors are in good condition. Just do this by removing the tire to check out the brake rotor and brake pads. If the pads appear to be worn out, you need to replace it. 
Mechanic Check Brake Parts

Mechanic Check Brake Parts

Heat is the number one enemy of brake parts 

The problem in brake parts is caused due to excessive heat. When the brake pads press against brake disc, it produces heat. You need to pump off hot air from the brakes to maintain the brake parts. The brakes will stay cooler when hot air is pumped off from the discs.

Brake pads and brake rotors are important components of braking system. It is only due to the efficient functioning of both components that you can start or stop the vehicle. Brake fluid also determines the functioning of your vehicle.

All That You Should Know About Bond Cleaning

The term bond cleaning is defined as a form of cleaning executed at the end of the lease. It is commonly referred to as exit cleaning and is traditionally done in rental places where the end of your lease marks the exit of the current owner. Hence, the entire cleaning has to be perfect. If not then what happens is that you may not get the entire returns on the bond. It is a rather hard-core method of thorough cleaning which applies to all the different parts of your home. You can get rid of various mites, bugs, and other such pests with the help of bond cleaning that tend to develop its colonies.

Bond Cleaning

Bond Cleaning

Get Rid of Termites

It is a known fact that dust mites are there in millions of numbers, but are not visible to our eye. They can be found in any unprepared home, which can lead to year-round allergies. Apart from this, there is always the risk of asthma and other similar illnesses. These mites are seen in your pillows, mattresses, carpets, furniture, clothing, and almost anywhere. These mites survive and feed on dead human skin flakes. One of the best ways to get rid of it is bond cleaning. Even though there is no solution to completely eliminate mites, you can try to reduce numbers.

One of the easiest solutions that you can apply here is washing the sheets and bedding, at least once a week in hot water. However, if dust mites are on your sheets, they will be on your mattress too so you will have little time before they crawl back on your bedding if you are not using dust mite covers. It has been seen that vacuum cleaning can be an ineffective allergy evasion measure. This happens because the dust mite allergen only escapes from the carpets in an incomplete manner. The dust mite vacuum studies reveal that the worn carpets have a distribution of dust mite allergen to all depths.

Steam Carpets

These carpets are the biggest reservoir of mite allergen. Even removing dust mite with the vacuum, there is no assurance that the dust mites would go away. Most of the times, individuals fail to vacuum in the right way. Hence, these mites escape the vacuum and continue to cause trouble for the individuals. There have been many studies in this reference, which are aimed at helping in reducing the exposure to covered allergens. So, with the help of the professionals, the steam cleaning is a sensible bond cleaning option.

Curtains and Other Areas

Certain kinds of vacuum cleaners have particular rotating brushes. These help to remove dirt and allergen in bigger quantities as compared to the regular dust mite vacuum. If washing is not enough, try this bond cleaning option.



Along with this, you should also ensure cleaning of

  • Windows from both outside and inside
  • The inner cupboards should be wiped down
  • Do not forget the garden and the pool area
  • The wall cleaning is important too, do it with soap or other cleaners
  • All the other appliances should be dusted too
  • Make sure that there are no marks, scratches, or dents left

These are some simple bond cleaning ways through which, you can remove the traces of dust mites in the house. Rather than trying to cure the problem you should focus on preventing it by regular cleaning and vacuuming sessions. This will ensure that you do not have to suffer from allergies now and then. To ensure that a thorough check is done post this else, you will miss the bond when exiting your current home or rental property.

Steps for Installing Metal Roofing in Your House

Metal roofing is a smart way to enhance the durability of your house and also helps bring down the energy cost at home. However, installation of metal roof is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of processes. If you follow some steps, then you can easily install a metal roof on your house. The metal roof is readily available at various stores, and they come in different colours and materials. Before you start your installation process, you need to gather specific materials you will need for the installation.

For the installation, you will need a metal shear, steel panels, ladder, screws for attaching metal roofs and bolts for wood roofing. You will also need roofing felt, 1 1/4 inch nails and a powerful staple gun. These materials will be enough for the installation, and all other necessary accessories will come along with the metal roofing. 

Metal roofing

Metal roofing

Steps for Installing Metal Roof on Your Home 

The installation process of the metal roofing might seem tough for you, but if you properly follow the below-mentioned steps, you can easily mount the new roof. Here are the detailed steps:

  • At first, you need to measure the entire roof area correctly, and you should chalk them down in a notepad. Also, calculate the slope factor for better accuracy and do not forget to add some extra meters to the actual size when placing the order.
  • After measurement, you need to buy a metal roof from a local store or you can also order it from an online store. There are many companies that sell metal roofs, and they are available in various materials, but steel is the most common form. Metal panels are mostly available in standard size, and you should order the size which exceeds your required measurement.
  • After you get the new roof materials first you need to remove the old roof carefully so that it does not damage other parts. During removal, you should first remove the shingles, vents, and nails to make the task of removing the roof frame easier. After removal, you should repair all the damaged areas, and for this, you can hire an expert.
  • Then you need to add some layers of insulation to curb down the moisture content. The layers of insulation entirely depend upon the geographical area, and you should use roofing nails and staple machine for securing the layer.
  • After insulation, you have to add a metal layer on the edges of the roof. You have to use 1 1/4 inch nails to fasten the steel sheet with the metal roof. Eave flashing should cover the whole roof.
  • In this step, you add the new metal panels, but before adding them, you should adequately survey the roof. You should make a plan about how you want to lay the metal panels. It is best to start from the middle and use the screws to secure the panels for long. You should align the bolts in such a way that they are in straight line and not far from each other. The edges of each panel should overlap the other panel by one inch. The panels should hang off the side by not more than 1 inch.
Metal roofing

Metal roofing

In this last step, you have to add flashing on the new metal panels, and this will act as a final touch. The flashing is placed over the joints in the metal panel, so that it can completely secure the panel. You can also use the sealants to seal edges which will enhance the protection and protect it  from  snow, storm, rain etc.

Top Ways To Follow For Fireplace Restoration Now

It is a known fact that fireplaces are booming these days, especially to tackle the hardcore cold weather. As winter is approaching, the cold breeze is going to shook you from the inside. When you are at your home, you don’t want to wrap yourself around covers all the time. You want a comfortable interior, which will protect you from the harsh cold weather outside. That’s when you need a well-functional fireplace to offer some help. If the fireplace needs some help with repairing or replacement, then better call experts for fireplace restoration. If you want to learn more about the restorative moves, ensure to call the right team for help only.

fireplace restoration melbourne

Fireplace Restoration

Restoring Iron Fireplace: Check The Steps

If you possess an iron fireplace and trying hard to restore its beauty, then some simple DIY tricks and tips might work wonderfully for you. If you are not quite sure of the options to follow, then some simple steps can work a long way. Always remember that you might have to go through a bit of trial and error. After that, you can easily restore your cast iron fireplace in no time.

  • In the first step, you might have to apply stripper with the old paintbrush as per the instructions, mentioned on the packet bought.
  • After dissolving the paint, you need to wipe off most of the residue with the help of kitchen paper and stripping knife.
  • Make sure to note- wipe the cast iron with water as that might lead to rust formation.
  • You can easily use white spirit for removing stripper and parts of sticky dissolved paint.
  • You can follow the same method for stripping original tiles, but ensure to always use the plastic scraper for not scratching the tiles while in this process.
  • After that, you have to apply black grate polish and leave that to dry. For maintaining the cool look of your iron fireplace, you can use WD 40 for cleaning and not water.
fireplace restoration

Fireplace Restoration

Types Of Restorations You Can Avail

If you are looking for fireplace restoration, it is mandatory for you to learn more about the types you can avail from reputed centers. Once you are aware of the basic types, calling the right team for help is going to be an easy task to perform.

  • If you are looking to restore your marbleized fireplace, then you are always invited to give the team of experts a call. It is only after judging the present condition of your fireplace that the team will start working on the results.
  • The same reliable team is able to restore the complete fireplace and can further help in installing liners and a stove. You can contact them for immediate help, right from the first till last.
  • There are some fireplaces with slate surrounds, which need to be restored as soon as possible. Contact the right team for slate fireplace restoration and you don’t have to bother about the quality of the product at all.
  • If you want to restore the combined fireplace named Telford, then you have the right to contact experts for the same. Sandblasting is the method performed for restoring the current look of the fireplace. After following this method, the team would like to work on the restoration values well by painting the body of the fireplace well.

Always make it a point to contact a reputed team for fireplace restoration service. This package is no doubt a bit costly. So you always want service, which is worth every single penny you plan to spend for the service. So, contacting a reputed team is what you should be looking for right now.

The Importance of Window Frosting in The Office

Are you planning to change the appearance of your office windows? You may go for tinted and frosted look. Window tinting and window frosting can simply alter the appearance of your office windows. Frosting windows are not transparent and so they help in maintaining privacy. Not only such windows offer utmost privacy to the glass panel area but also they allow light transference through the windows. If you want your windows to acquire a slightly darker appearance or shade, you may go for glass tinting. The color of the windows may be black, gray or blue whereby the look can be slightly altered. So, if you choose tinted windows, the windows will be more reflective while it transforms the color of the light that enters. Thus, window frosting or glass frosting is different from window tinting.


Office Frosting

Frosted glass partitions in the office offer a lot many benefits. With so many options in partitions available in the market, it might get difficult to make a suitable choice. Once you opt for a particular partition, it is time to get more variations and options in it. There is a wide range of choices in textures and colors. Frosted glass can be used to make office windows and even partitions. The best part is that no matter how you use frosted glass, you may expect a lot of privacy. You may also control the daylight.

Enhance the aesthetics of your office

Most of the office owners now consider frosted windows in order to enhance or uplift the aesthetics of their work area. Frosted glass can create an interesting look in the office. If you have always craved for glass partitions in the office but failed to adopt it owing the transparency factor, you may use frosted glass for partitions and windows. After the frosting is applied, the glass acquires sand blasted and etched kind of appearance.

Frosted glass is extremely durable

No matter what the area is, you may use frosted glass which is a durable option. It may withstand wear and tear of the daily usage. The frosted film which is applied on the surface of the glass does not curl, bubble or shrink due to cold, heat and other factors. The best part is that even if the glass gets broken accidentally, the frosted film holds the parts in its place. So, you get time to repair the same while it does not cause any injury.


Office Frosting

Easy to maintain frosted glass

Office frosting will eliminate the hassle of maintaining the glassware. The office partitions carrying frosted look will be easy to maintain. The frosted film is durable in nature and so it adds to the durability of the glass. As you clean the windows, you may also clean the frosted glass by using a damp cloth to wipe the surface.

Enjoy more privacy with the frosted glass

Offices that require a lot of privacy can use frosted glass window film. This kind of glass has a great application in the office. Employees can enjoy utmost privacy at the workplace while the glass also allows sufficient light to enter.

Frosted office glass windows and partitions are versatile choices

No matter what the décor or style of your office, you may use frosted glass. It will add to the style and décor of the office. Whether the office is out dated or modern, frosted glass is a perfect choice. You may also customize frosted glass by printing business logo and messages on it.

From the above factors, it is pretty much clear how beneficial frosted glass is. Use the glass for office windows and office glass partitions. It is sure to add creative flair to the office. 

Follow the Steps to Get Polished Concrete?

If you are the owner of any establishment, the first and foremost step you need to take is improving the floors. This can totally transform the interiors while creating a great impression on the ones arriving at your work place. To complement the workspace or establishment, one may use numerous solutions. Not only can such flooring solutions improve the floor but also they can improve the appeal of the space. When it comes to choosing any particular flooring solution, most people nowadays choose polished concrete. Not only this solution is durable but also it is easy to maintain. Within the polished concrete, there are various levels and classes.


Polished Concrete

If you want that kind of amazing gloss and depth on the floor, you may use polished concrete. It will make the surface glossy and beautiful. There are some steps you may follow while getting the polished concrete floor in your office. By following the five steps, one can get highest quality floor. However, such steps may be extended to even 7 steps as such. What matters here is the use of proper chemical technology and tools. They can really make a great difference to the floor. For instance, the 30/40 grit metal diamond grinding can produce flawless floors. You may use 100grit recovery tool for the same. The grouting may be done by mixing densifier in the solution. Then the other steps follow like grinding with the Resin bond of 100 grit pad to get rid of grouting.

There are various classes of aggregate exposure that include Class A featuring cream exposure, Class B featuring fine aggregate which is also known as pepper and salt finish. Class C, on the other hand, features medium aggregate exposure. Class D has little or no aggregate exposure.

The Step-1 of getting polished concrete surface

  • The first step is about grinding the floor using 30/40 metallic bond diamond. You need to make sure that it is flat. You need to finish the edges and corner in a way that they have a consistent look. If you need to use coarser grit, you may follow that with 30/40 diamonds.

Step-2 of the attaining polished concrete

  • Grout or densify the floor with the poor filler desifier filler that is sprayed evenly in front of the machine used for grinding. The Pore filler densifier is used to wet the surface whereas Shark 100 grit hydrid discs can push the concrete dust into the holes and cracks with Pore Filler. The entire step results in making the surface hard while filling cracks and holes. The end result is smooth and flat surface. The hydrid discs are manufactured for various types of machines used for concrete polishing.

Step 3 you need to follow

  • Use Resin 100 grit diamond disc and remove pore filler containing heat sensitive polymer. The heat which is emitted will cure grouting in various cracks and holes. When compared to adhesive based grout, the product may be spread easily to create an even finish.

Polished Concrete

Step 4

  • This is an easy step where you simply need to polish floor with the help of Resin 200 grit diamonds.

Step 5

  • 800 grit resin disc may be used for polishing the surface. With this kind of system, you may make the jump from 200 grit to the 800 grit. You may get a satisfactory finish, if you use it.

How to attain a quality finish?

  • If you want high quality finish, you may add 400 grit resin steps in between the 200 or 800 grit.
  • To make the polished concrete non-slip, you can use penetrating finish coating.